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Jay will star on an episode of ‘Dramatic Park Jaebum

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A reality program holding the daily life of singer Park Jaebum will be going on the airwaves.

Cable TV MBC Everyone will be airing ‘Dramatic Park Jaebum’ for the first time at 12AM on the coming April 12th. ‘Dramatic Park Jaebum’ is the first episode of the program that shows the drama-like daily lives of actors belonging to Sidus HQ.

Afterwards, according to the stars starred on each show, the title of the show will change such as ‘Dramatic Song Joongki’ and ‘Dramatic Kim Shinyoung’.

According to staff, MBC Everyone has been planning Park Jaebum’s reality program since last year and had set it into the direction of holding the daily lives of actors belonging to SidusHQ early this year.

Park Jaebum has previously received a big amount of love with his various charms in Mnet’s cable TV reality program ‘Wild Bunny’ during his activities in 2PM. Fans’ attention is focusing on what kind of appearance he will make with his solo comeback.

On the other hand, Park Jaebum will release his album at the middle of April.