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JYP talks about Jay’s withdrawal

Park Jin Young showed a careful posture when MC Kim Seung Woo asked in the episode of KBS-2TV that aired on the 21st, “Can you tell us just briefly about 2PM Jaebum’s withdrawal?”

On this day, Park Jin Young spoke vaguely, “What more can I say after the company released its position? I can’t say any more because it’s a story in which the future of young people with potential is too entangled in…”

He said, “The most regrettable thing is where when they have a mistake when they’re young and when they’re young, they debut early, so those common mistakes they might have explodes in a public manner. And since it explodes when they have money and performance and honor at such a young age, it is more unacceptable.”

Carrying on, Park Jin Young passed on, “If it’s small, I can cover it, but it grew too big so I have to conflict between protecting this child and deceiving the public.”

At the end, Park Jin Young told his hardships, “If I cover it up somewhat, I can protect this child and not deceive the public at the same time, but the situation grew bigger and it seems that this guy will be hurt if I reveal it at the stage where the public is saying ‘reveal the truth’. That part is the hardest.”

On the other hand, Park Jaebum left 2PM in a Korea-belittling-statement controversy. Afterwards, JYP Entertainment, 2PM’s company, passed on the news of Park Jaebum’s permanent withdrawal and the cancelling of his contract.