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“The Moon Embracing the Sun,” Han Ga In, Kim Soo Hyun, and Jung Il Woo at a script read-through meeting

Han Ga In, Kim Soo Hyun, and Jung Il Woo, the lead cast of MBC’s new drama series, The Moon Embracing the Sun, have finished the first reading.

On December 25, Han, Kim, and Jung had a script read-through meeting on the sixth floor of Il San Dream Center at 2 p.m. It was one of the coldest day in this season. At the meeting, the lead cast practiced reading with other main cast members, celebrating Christmas.

Han is playing the role of Yeon Woo, prince Hwon’s first love who becomes a female shaman after losing her memories, in this drama series. Even after the reading was over, she met Jin Soo Wan, a writer of this drama series, individually and consulted with him about her character in earnest. She said, “I love the story and I also have a good feeling about this drama series. I get to think a lot about my character, Yeon Woo.”

Kim, playing the role of prince Hwon, changed into a young king who dreams of reforming his country. His usual playful image couldn’t be found. He said, “I’ve practiced a lot since this is my first historical drama series. I feel like I can have fun performing.”

As it is the second time for Jung (playing the role of Yang Myung) and Kim Min Seo (playing the role of Bo Kyung) to appear on a historical drama series, they did the reading in a stable manner.

Yang Mi Kyung, playing the role of Mrs. Shin, said, “Thank you for coming to this meeting with bright looks on your faces on this cold day.” Kim Young Ae, playing the role of the great queen, said, “Most of the cast are way younger than I am, compared to the cast in other drama series I’ve appeared on. I hope you think of me as your big sister and have fun filming.” Kim Sun Kyung, playing the role of queen Han, made the atmosphere more friendly by bringing a Christmas cake.

Producer Kim Do Hoon asked the cast members, “I feel good because we all gathered together to practice reading on Christmas, full of love and happiness. This is a historical drama but also a romance drama. Its love story will be created based on the status of each character. So please focus on the desire each character has.”

This script read-through meeting has been proceeded for more than two hours with everyone concentrating on the practice. The meeting was full of laughter and exclamation by comical characters and actors’ enthusiastic performances.

The Moon Embracing the Sun, a fantasy historical drama series set in Chosun’s royal family with total twenty episodes, will start airing on January 4 (Wed.) at 9:55 p.m. next year.