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Actress Jung So Min has recently been hounded by rumors about a plastic surgery

The Mischievous Kiss starlet, Jung So Min, has recently been hounded by rumors about a plastic surgery.

Recently, some pictures of Jung were posted on a community website with the caption, “Jung So Min is suspected to have gone through a plastic surgery.”

The poster alleged the suspicion by comparing pictures from her past and pictures of her these days. The poster went specific by stating the actress looked like to have gotten surgery for double eye-lids.

Prior to this scandal, Jung stopped by a radio program on MBC Radio on April 10, and said, “I’ve lost 10kg over the one and a half year. I’ve tried various methods to shed some weight. I cared a lot about the diet and I practiced yoga. I even got acupunctures injected in order to burn some fat of my thighs.

Netizens responded: “Right, her thighs seems to be a lot slimmer than her ones from the past.” “She doesn’t look much different.” “If you lose weight, you could get double eye-lids.” “She looks slightly different from she did in the past.”

Currently, Jung So Min is appearing in MBC’s sitcom Standby.