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[NEWS] Kim Junsu nominated for “Best Actor Award” in “The Musical Award” as “Death” .


JYJ Kim Junsu has become one of the candidates in the running for the 6th “The Musical Awards” as best male actor.

The Press Center held the press conference of the 6th “The Musical Awards” at Seoul on 9 May at 2pm, announcing the candidates and works that will be participating in this awards. The best actor and actress award in the musical category caught the most attention.

Especially in the musical “Elisabeth”, Kim Junsu, who acted as “Death”, appeared in the list of “Best Actor Award”, while Park Eun Tae and Kim Su Yong, who acted as “Lucheni” are candidates for the “Best Supporting Actor Award”. According to the exposure of the roles in the musical, it seemed as if Lucheni should be the main actor, however, The Musical Awards claims that Death should be the main role, and Lucheni as the supporting role.

Regarding this matter, The Musical Awards expressed, “The determining of main and supporting roles depends on how one views the musical, and there would definitely be parts which cannot be determined. It is definitely not accurate to go according to the musical producers’ plan of determining the main and supporting roles through the actors’ characters. However, we have had come to this decision after discussions with the producers.”

They also mentioned, “The judging team feels that the main character should be a character that portrays maturity through a series of experiences, while the supporting role aids in the progressing of the whole musical. Considering that Lucheni does the explanation of the whole musical, he should be the supporting character.”

The musical “Elisabeth” has been nominated in 12 catagories, which includes the best main and supporting actors, best main and supporting actresses, as well as the best director award. This is the most number of categories a musical has ever been nominated in the history of The Musical Awards.

Also, the “Most Popular Award” will be determined through 100% internet votes. Everyone would be able to vote for all nominated musicals, main and supporting actors and actresses online from 21st to 31st May.

The 6th “The Musical Awards” will be held at the national Haeorum theatre on 4 June at 8pm, and will be broadcasted on JTBC and QTV at 11pm.

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