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Park Yoochun Calls in Sick at the Opening Ceremony for ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’

All three members of JYJ planned on meeting and greeting fans at the fan-oriented expo called ‘2012 JYJ Membership Walk – 2012 JYJ Membership Week.’

But unfortunately for Park Yoo Chun, his eyeballs had other plans.

On June 28, marking the start of the Expo, Park Yoo Chun was unable to make it to the opening event after getting an infectious eye disease.

Not wanting to disappoint the fans, Park Yoo Chun insisted on appearing at the opening ceremony wearing sunglasses, but because his swollen face was unable to be hidden behind sunglasses, the staff persuaded him not to and Park Yoo Chun unfortunately had to call in sick.

In his place, Kim Jae Joong and Kim Junsu expressed their gratitude for all the fans that made it out and explained that Park Yoo Chun was on the premise, but had to skip this portion of the event as it was open to the media.

Park Yoo Chun is said to have joined the other members when they toured the Expo later on.

Later, Kim Jae Joon tweeted, “JYJ Membership Week~ C-Jes family, thank you for working so hard ,and we hope the fans will have a fun time~ We were so upset after seeing Yoon Chun’s face, but when we toured the museum, we were all smiles. Don’t worry too much!”

The Expo will be open for fans from June 28 to July 1. An estimate of 15,000 Korea and 7000 Japanese fans will visit the Expo.

Photo Credit: Elle, Kim Byung Kwan, Kim Jae Joong’s Twitter

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