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JYJ’s Jun Su, B2ST’s Yo Seop and Du Jun go to the musical Zorro

On November 16, JYJ’s Jun Su, B2ST’s Yo Seop and Du Jun appeared to watch Park Geun Hyung’s musical Zorro. They’ve developed friendships with Park while playing for a celebrity soccer club called FC MEN.

The three stars seated in the middle of the audience.  They were immersed in Park’s powerful dancing and singing even from Act 1, scene 1. When Park spoke his humorous lines as Zorro, they burst into laughter and clapped their hands with delight.

The theater seats were filled with people though it was a matinee. Park played Zorro with his typical charismatic energy, flying in the air or riding to the colorful music and the flamenco dancing.

After the show finished, the three went to the green-room to meet Park and gave their thoughts on the performance: “It is very interesting to see that the character has similar features with Park in reality. We were deeply impressed with him playing the dangerous scenes to think that he must have put enormous efforts to create the scenes in such a flawless manner.” In response, Park delivered his deep gratitude for taking time to visit the musical hall for him despite their killing schedules.

The musical Zorro will be on stage until January 15, 2012 at Blue Square in downtown Seoul.

Source: TV Report