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JYJ appointed Congress ambassadors for UNAIDS and to perform at opening ceremony

As we reported last week, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ) have been officially appointed as Congress Ambassadors for the Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific. They will be officially appointed on August 26th at a press conference at BEXCO in Busan for the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10). Thousands of participants from over 55 countries are estimated to converge in Busan for this event.

Other UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassadors also include Moroccan princess Stephanie, actress Naomi Watts, and other global celebrities.

UNAIDS hopes through JYJ’s popularity in Asia, that they might be able to clear up some of the discrimination and prejudice pertaining to AIDS. The ICAAP10 organization committee also stated, “JYJ as ambassadors could be a significant step to create sympathy and further prevention of AIDS.”

JYJ expressed, “We need to show our love and interest for AIDS instead of harboring negativity towards it. AIDS is not an incurable disease anymore, and it could be effectively combated through constant treatments.

JYJ also plans to perform at the opening ceremony of the conference.

Source: Nate | unaids.org