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(NEWS) 110301 Writer Kim Tah Wan tweets regarding JYJ’s program cancellation

Writer Kim Tah Wan tweeted angrily “How can such thing happen?”, regarding JYJ’s program cancelled

Regarding JYJ’s program cancelled, Writer Kim Tah Wan expressed his opinions.

Kim Tah Wan is the writer of many original works that are brought up to Television Dramas and Movies such as “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin”, “Hwangjin-I”. He is also the original writer for ‘Old Miss Diary’ (brought into screen as the name of recent movie – Detective K).

On March 1, Kim Tah Wan tweeted, “My wife is frustrated for the whole day. The pre-planned JYJ’s program in QTV is cancelled.”

He continued, “I heard the effort spent in filming (the program) is quite a lot. But compared to this, JYJ will be really upset! How can such thing happen?” leaving pity in his tweet.

JYJ planned to negotiate with QTV to broadcast ‘JYJ’s Real 24′ in public. The program was intended to broadcast in February, however it was postponed. At the end, C-Jes received the information of ‘unable to be broadcasted,’ attracting lots of protests.

Regarding to this, C-Jes posted an information “QTV Program dashed” as subject.

credit: baidu
trans by: sharingyoochun.net