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Jung Da Bin says, “Park Yoo Chun is prettier than a woman”

On July11, child actress Jung Da Bin uploaded a picture of herself with Park Yoo Chun on her website.

Jung Da Bin and Park Yoo Chun both star in MBC’s drama series Miss Ripley. Jung is a child actor who plays the childhood scenes of Jang Miri (played by Lee Da Hae).

Jung and Yoo would not have met if the July 12th episode, in which Song Yu-hyeon dreams of Jang Miri’s childhood, had not been shot.

Jung could not hide her excitement at meeting Park Yoo Chun and commented on her website, “I shot a scene with Yoo Chun on Friday. I thought he was awesome when I saw him going over his script. I thought I would never have a chance to see him in person since I am Lee Da Hae’s child actor, but I finally met him! Yoo Chun was so kind to wait for me when his shooting finished an hour early to take a picture with me. He looks prettier than a woman in the picture. Thank you, Yoo Chun! Go Miss Ripley!”

Netizens who saw the posting comment: “I hope Da Bin becomes a great actress and gets a chance to shoot with Yoo Chun as a couple in the future” “Da Bin looks so mature” “Park Yoo Chun is likely to be the kind of father who dotes on his daughter.”

Source Nate by Hanna