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“Series success depends on JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun”

Writer Lee Hee Myung recently said the series Rooftop Prince‘s success depends on how well JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun describes his character.

Lee previously wrote many TV dramas, including SBS’s Mr. Q and Tomato. When he was asked what he thinks about Park, the actor who will play the role of prince, he opened the conversation, “Park has played soft characters before.”

“He will play the role of a charismatic prince named Lee Gak in the series. I know that Park has the ability to embody the character wonderfully. If he does the series will be successful and Park will have many opportunities to play a variety of roles.”

Lee is a famous writer who has recorded the highest audience ratings. Mr. Q, starring Kim Hee Sun and Kim Min Jong, received 45.3 percent of an audience rating and Tomato, starring Kim Hee Sun and Kim Seok Hoon, received 52.7 percent of an audience rating.

His TV dramas also inspired and affected current dramatic trends and the entertainment world.

Kim Hee Sun became a top star after appearing on his series and Song Yoon Ah also impressed people with her intentionally over-the-top role as the villain in Mr. Q.

Rooftop Prince is getting a lot of attention thanks to Hallyu star Park’s appearance and a fantastic plot. Since Lee, who is known as a great romantic comedy actor, wrote the series, many people are looking forward to the series.