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Kara’s Seungyeon goes on a date with SHINee’s Minho on ‘Salamander Guru’

Kara‘s Seungyeon and Jewelry‘s Eunjung will be making a cameo appearance on SBS’ sitcom, “Salamander Guru“!

Seungyeon will be playing a character whose name also happens to be Seungyeon.  On this particular episode, Seungyeon will get dumped by her boyfriend, Chan Woo, who forms another relationship withJi Min (played by Eunjung) right after the break up.  After realizing the bitter truth, Seungyeon visits the Salamander Guru’s shop to receive aid.

Seungyeon teams up with Won Sam and Min Hyuk (played by Minho) to change Chan Woo’s mind, and reform the lost relationship.  Min Hyuk pretends to be Seungyeon’s boyfriend in order to make Chan Woo jealous, hoping that this will cause Chan Woo to pay more attention to Seungyeon.

Furthermore, Min Hyuk slowly falls in love with Seungyeon who just happens to look very similar to his first love.

Don’t miss the next episode when it airs on March 16th at 11:15PM KST!

Also don’t forget to check out the preview below!

YouTube Preview Image


Source + Photos: Star News via Nate