• Your folk from Phils will most definitely miss you this weekend!
    In the meantime, we shall see you on twitter, yes?
    @AnjaCastle24 and @diviNATION_PBBU
    Don’t forget to Folla and Holla! ♥
    See you there Hallyunatics!

    ^^It’s more fun in the Philippines^^

  • so i am here on this site.. stuck on PSH’s FC Profile :j
    why the hell on earth this kind of woman have captivated the eyes of such a young lady like me… ^-^
    She’s such an amazing individual.
    Definitely a versatile and precise woman…
    Adorable and heartwarming.

    She’s soo…Park Shin-hye! ♥
    Fans have just fallen for you!

  • how many fellas in here who truly love PSH? I mean every single day???

  • Park Shin-Hye is the new apple of my eye :-)
    Follow @dooleycouple on twitter and get in touch with other Dooley fanatics :D