• @rheaocot hi :) i’m dinnie,nice tomeet you! i just meet you,this is crazy,here’s a link : http://www.gurupop.net/event/32/67757275706f7031383534 will you open this link for me? :D if yes,please open many times okay .< lets be friends and spazz together (^O^)/ anyeong!

  • kpopmushroom posted an update 3 years ago

    @ingrida that one have become really small,i cant even read what i was typing XD i dont remember,but the stories board is like that,from fat to slim and HOT :D ahh vampire prosecutor >< i wanna watch it -3 – but the internet wont let me TT~TT i dont really wear make-ups :) my face hate it XD but if i have special occasions like school prom,i'll…[Read more]

    • I actually like natural beauty so I don’t use much make-up too, but to have a good mascara i have to save up a little cause it costs MONEY :D I use only mascara and lip balm :D I love lip balms, 1 month and I already need a new one :D

      Yeah, Ingrida now is up to learn Super Junior’s A-cha dance ….-.- :D D

      • haha i think whenever i wear mascara my eyelashes look weird XD yeah! first i dont like it (thank god!) and second,it will eats my money TT~TT i need money for my kpop addictive problem XD *nowadays we need to open a rehab for addictive kpoppers eh? XDDD awww,you learninig a-cha? so cool >< i wanna learn some kpop move but nawwhh~ i'll wait till…[Read more]

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    @ingrida oh gotta ask something >< how do we recieve the album? O:

    • Admin will mail us and ask for our addresses, but actually you should have filled thishttp://en.korea.com/event/files/2011/12/pm-to-eventadmin.jpg yes? If you filled this you don’t need to fill it again. When they get our address they will sent us CD’s. :)

      • ahh liddat XD oh okay~ thanks :) —->-mourninigXD-i still want my LEDApple TT~TT

        • Me too, but nothing will change, let’s just enjoy what we’ll get :D

          • kkkk yeah!better than nothing XD

            • have you got a message form admin?:D

              • from*

                • nope >< you got? aigoo~

                • why i didnt get yet >< i think gave her my email correctly O:

                  • No, I haven’t got ,too :D They’ll mail us, I know :D

                    • i thought you got one XD kkk yeah! think positive ;D i told my sis about this and she like wow,cause i win something ><

                      • Yeah, when I won here for the 1st time, my sisters were uber happy :D D they like k-pop too, take after me:DD

                        • haha we have something common :D brainwashing our sisters XD ahah my sis like GD when he’s first solo heartbreaker got stuck in her heads:) im the one who responsible for that ^^she like bigbang and GD the most ;:3

                          • Ha ha, one of my sister likes GD very much ,too ! remember her listening ”heartbreaker” every day :D Actually she was the one who spread k-pop in our house :D But I was the one who developed it to the higher stages:D

                            • oh in my house,im the king of kpop XD and cause of that even my 4 years old brothers memorize beast,bigbang,ermm …dont remember more >< and sing when i play the songs on laptop XD

                              • Well, now I’m the queen of it,too :D Even my mother like some Korean songs :D that’s my merit of course:D

                                • haha wow,my mom only like princess hours and 1st shop coffee prince kdramaXD and in charge of that ;p ME :3 and she still remember that movie :3

                                  • My mom doesn’t understand English I don’t speak about English at all ,so she cannot watch it :D and I dunno, she prefer to watch some Mexican soap operas on TV, u know it’s more comfortable than watching smth on pc :D We live in Europe, so they don’t broadcast any Korean dramas here:D Every movie or drama I’ve seen, I watched it in…[Read more]

                                    • My mom doesn’t understand Korean*

                                      • hahah same here XD but the one i watch,they dubbed it with chinese language and put malay sub XD yaa when i watch kdrama at pc >< im just a normal junior highschool girl,i spent evey cent of my allowance for sweets XD oh,i used to watch some latin drama :) actually my whole family watch it XD theres one drama,really popular here,i dont remember…[Read more]

                                        • Ha ha I save up for make-up,clothes or smth like that :D D When I was younger I’d spend my all pocket money on sweets :D * Maybe some Mairbella or other bella where a girl was fat and then became slim or how .::DD I don’t watch it :D I watch Korean dramas. yeah:D I’m currently watching Vampire Prosecutor:D