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Additional details revealed on KARA’s ‘TBC’ promotions in Japan

Despite the controversy surrounding their team, KARA’s popularity in Japan is still riding strong.

allkpop had previously reported about how the girls were selected to be the new models for the Japanese aesthetics company, “TBC.” Japanese fans will be able to see the girls on various advertisements such as television, transportation ads, and magazines starting February 1st.

In their TV advertisement, the girls will be using the pronunciation of their own name, which means ‘because’ in Japanese, to deliver phrases such as “Because everyone can become pretty” and “Because everyone can become cool.”

Their Japanese advertisement company commented, “KARA’s healthy and shining image and outstanding promotions were what led us to choose the girls as our model. Due to issues surrounding KARA’s future, they’ve been receiving widespread attention in Japan, and we felt that this was the appropriate timing to start this campaign.”

They continued, “Not only Korea, but Japan is very worried about KARA’s future as well. We have decided to add another segment to their campaign in support of the group.

Source: Xportsnews via Nate