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Kara surpassed BoA and ranked the top on the chart for two weeks

On the 6th, “Jet Coaster Love” gained popularity…girl group Kara surpassed Boa’s 355,000 copyright sale record breakthrough countdown.

On the 20th, Japan’s record association announced the charged copyright citation stating that with only two songs “Mister” (150,000) and “Jumping” (100,000), they hit over 250,000 in sales. If the most recent 3rd single “Jet Coaster Love” is added on to this, the record will most likely go over 300,000.

Kara dominated Oricon’s chart with their 3rd single on the 12th and was recognized as a strong seller in album sales. However, their strength only made them stand out more in Japanese album sales. This is easily observed upon looking back at their history.

During the last 11 years of pursuing her singing career, Boa sold 355,00 albums with only 6 songs. It is predicted that Kara will easily surpass this kind of record. They have already hit 250,000 with 2 songs and the performance of “Jet Coaster Love” dominated 1st in Japan’s main charts the past 2 weeks including Reckchalkoo, Mora, Musico, and Music Japan and continue to raise momentum. Kara’s rival Nisiko Kana made 1st place with 500,000 sales last year in album sales, but their recent momentum seems to make it more worth the effort.

In the case of “Mister”, the division record ringtones of Boa’s “Winter Love” made a record tie of 75,000. In the PC distribution sector, Japan’s advanced national singer first time “Mister” and “Jumping” such two songs were rated platinum at 25,000 album sales. Even Dong Bang Sing Ki (5 songs and 105,000 sales) and Girl’s Generation (2 songs and 80,000 sales)  could not be compared to Kara’s record sales.

One entertainment official stated “Kara and other national female artist groups’ success in album sales and top placement in source charts are proving Japan’s young generation that Korean Pop music is gaining a lot of popularity”.

Source Via : News Naver
Credits: askactor