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The reason why Baek Ji Yong’s comment made Kara in tears

Singer Baek Ji Yong’s heartfelt advice to Kara made an issue.

On the SBS’ Strong Heart, Kara appeared on air for the first time on air after the conflict with members and agency. Kara expressed the hardship they went through and thanked the fans who supported all along.

MCs asked Baek to give an advice for members of Kara. To this she said, “thank you for asking me that. I was hesitating if I have the right to comment on this.”

She said, “There are so many times when a singer overlooks oneself as surrounded by other people and opinion. I hope taking this incident as a lesson; Kara can learn to love them better.” She continued ‘I have paid attention throughout the incident and the fact that Kara was being criticized for what they are not responsible of. I really hope they retain their smiles again. There may be bigger storms but make sure to protect and love oneself more and pay no attention to what other people say.”

To this, Kara members were in tears. The reason why the advice was so touching is because Baek is a singer with a painful past as well.

Baek in the mid-1990s was a huge singer but had to leave the K-pop league after a video scandal. Many though her comeback would be extremely difficult but made a successful comeback with the song ‘I will not love.’ And now she holds her head up high as a popular OST singer.

This is why Baek’s advice was meaningful to Kara.

Source Daum by Ye Sul