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Kim Beom plays a cameo role in High Kick 3 as a man of wealth

On March 7, Kim Beom’s agency revealed photos of Kim Beom who transformed himself into a rich guy in High Kick 3.

In the photos, Kim Beom looked totally different from Lee Guk Su, the guardian angel character in Ppadam Ppadam, turning into a rich guy with a chic, charismatic hair style and fashion sense.

In High Kick 1, Kim Beom played a student who sponges off his friend, but now he returns to High Kick 3 by quickly climbing the career ladder as the CEO of a department store, which will surely serve up some fantastic entertainment.

Called upon by producer Kim Beong Wook, with whom Kim Beom has build close relationship, Kim Beom accepted the offer without hesitation and enjoyed the shooting with intimate shooting staff and other actors.

Kim Beom says, “I was happy with the delight of seeing the staff members after so long. I cannot believe High Kick already marked its third series. I worried about failing to get the chance to be involved in the series as High Kick 3’s episodes are numbered. I died with joy when I was called upon by Kim.”