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“Padam Padam,” Guk Soo (Kim Bum) lives for Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung)

Kim Bum is receiving enthusiastic responses from the audience as his character Guk Soo lives for Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung), following him wherever he goes at all times.

In jTBC’s drama series Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats, Guk Soo (Kim Bum), a guardian angel of Kang Chil, follows Kang Chil wherever he goes and becomes a fool for him.

In the third episode of Padam Padam, Kang Chil comes back to the place near the seashore where his mother (Na Moon Hee) lives, trying to get away from Guk Soo, who doesn’t want to stay away from him even for a moment after he was released from the prison as model prisoner.

However, Kang Chil’s mother doesn’t express any emotions even though she met her son again after 14 years, and Kang Chil knocks over a pile of fish that she was selling. At that moment, Guk Soo suddenly appears and tries to stop him. He ruthlessly beats him up and runs away. This is to stop him from being more violent. And the next day, he comes to Kang Chil’s place, eating ice cream, and stays with him again, smirking and calling Kang Chil’s mother as mom.

Moreover, Guk Soo also stays holding Kang Chil’s hand tightly in a crowded subway when he was released from the prison for a short time, receiving a vacation as a model prisoner in the second episode. In the third episode, when Kang Chil, Kang Chil’s mother, Hyo Sook, and Guk Soo are out for a picnic, he eats lunch after asking Kang Chil, “Can I eat, too?” and getting permission from him.

People said, “Kim Bum has totally become a fool for Kang Chil,” “Kim Bum is so cute when he eats lunch after getting permission from Jung Woo Sung,” “Jung Woo Sung’s guardian angel, Kim Bum,” “Kim Bum, a fool for Jung Woo Sung, finds him wherever he goes,” “There’s Jung Yumi, a fool for Ji Hyung, in Thousand Days’ Promises, and there’s Kim Bum, a fool for Jung Woo Sung, in Padam Padam.”

In the third episode of Padam Padam, Kang Chil, who has lived his entire life under a false accusation, accidentally finds out that he got a cancer in his liver after getting into a car accident with Ji Na (Han Ji Min), right after being released from the prison.