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[Article] ‘conquest of the city’ jeongyumi baekheogeu Kim Hyun Joong, “Do not dub me?”

[Article] ‘conquest of the city’ of Kim Hyun Joong, jeongyumi baekheogeu “deopni not?”
Epic drama ‘conquest of the city “starring Kim Hyun Joong – jeongyumi romantic’ baekheogeu” Can the public attention.

The public picture hero Kim Hyun Joong (baekmireu) This jeongyumi (yidanbi) with thin wrappers around the one person behind the sweet sweet ‘baekheogeu’ to be introduced.

Kim Hyun Joong in the photo with a soft eyes and long arms wrapped tenderly cheongsunmi hugged from behind a compelling jeongyumi directing a breathtaking close physical contact, and the flutter of jeongyumi containing all of the above named Kim Hyun Joong as an expression of the right arm to embrace lovely female fans jealous of the nations and envy was a child.

We saw photos netizens “I think the real lovers neom suits”, “Why you have jeongyumi would envy -”, “Romantic baekheogeu dependable brother Hyun terminator”, “Hyun Joong oppa looks baekheogeu bonikka might come and it. Might not sleep; anorexia . “,” conquest of the city is looking forward to see the day. I want to see Hyunjoong baekmireu Come “, and the reaction was explosive.

The hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong, jeongyumi, Nam Gung Min, Kim Seung-starring epic drama ‘conquest of the city’ about the past fortnight between July 10 th successful Japanese foreign Roque finished shooting, is now at home and abroad during the shooting schedule coordination.

Oh ^__^ (I’jealous!XD)