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[Article] “different vocal skills” … Kim Hyun Joong, ‘heat’ MV released


[Dispatch = Zy News] Kim Hyun Joong in Japan the second single album ‘Heat (HEAT)’ music video full version was released.

Kim Hyun Joong in Japan through the Japanese people rock group official website ‘Small’ and kolraboreyisyeonhan song ‘hit’ has opened a music video. In particular, Kim Hyun Joong of idol-turned-singer in the band was impressive appearance.

Music video in a band according to Kim Hyun Joong singing. Holding the microphone shaking his head slightly to align the beat too eye-catching appearance. Kim Hyun Joong on the performance of the band, the audience was enthusiastic.

Vocals also stood out even upgraded. Kim Hyun Joong Beads unique blend of electric guitar sounds and melodies songs did flawlessly. In particular, the band changed to match the sound of music fans a display of vocal skills has attracted great interest.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong’s new album ‘Heat’ is scheduled to be released next month and four days. The 14th month after he live at the Saitama Super Arena decorate the stage. Japan, along with famous musicians on the stage has already called Naoto integrated rises.

The 15th day after ‘hit of 2012 jaepaen at 30,000 hits and over 2,000 fans singing song list hot new album paenseobiseureul seonsahal plans.

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