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[Article+Pictures] ‘Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong, Odaiba, an attack by guerrillas concert

Hallyu Star Kim Hyun-Japanese guerrilla concert on Odaiba, a paralyzing.

4 days, Japan’s second single, “Heat (HEAT) ‘Kim Hyun Joong the release of various off-line music stores, and sales ranking No. 1 in the book, and the reaction is getting hot. Members of the same fans want to give back to the 4th 13:00 siohkaje of Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan held a concert in the park, Guerrilla had a meeting with the fans.

Place and time of the guerrilla nature of the concert did not notice in advance, despite the fact that Kim Hyun Joong in Japan, gaining high interest high correlation with the citizens quickly gathered fans siohkaje Odaiba Park area as the attack had us realize that such a high popularity.

Kim Hyun Joong in Japan in the field surokgokin second single ‘Let’s party (Let’s party)’ introduced for the first time. “Let’s Party” begins the prelude of Kim Hyun Joong appeared roar of the fans has grown, introduced to the music and passionate performances quickly gathered fans, “Kim Hyun Joong,” and the scene of chanting dalgwotda hot. Local promoters flocked to this day the scene was estimated at about 1,000 personnel.

First released in concert guerrilla me Hyunjoong surokgok second single ‘Let’s party “lyrics in the field with exciting rhythms and addictive hot attention from fans and local officials of the message received is well received.

A local official said, “Despite the weekdays so many people in a short time a very rare two driven,” said “in January last year, Japan’s nationwide tour and debut album, Kim Hyun Joong activities successfully finalized its popularity once again was able to experience the “expressed surprise, saying.

The past three days, the second single from the album released this week celebrate the 5,000 fans, shaking hands and mobilization activities began full-fledged album Kim Hyun Joong stayed in Japan for a while terrestrial TV appearances and interviews with the media is going to lead active.