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[Article / Japanese] 120715 Premium Event Report


July 4 was released, ranking at the top of the Oricon singles week acquired “HEAT” to target the CD buyers an event Sun 15 July was held at the Saitama Super Arena, natbam 2 times the total of 30,000 fans attending showed their great enthusiasm! Kim Hyun Joong from the site of the label’s latest hit single “HEAT” is a teaser, official site “HEAT” of the teaser and the latest DVD “FIRST IMPACT” with the teaser has been released. In the daytime performances covering a butterfly because the cone in this report aims to reproduce the ratio of 90% would like to convey: Or less (in parentheses) of the spot, such as the appreciation of the atmosphere and reporters.

Entered in the emergence of President Kim Hyun Joong was still waiting for a delayed, stage shows organizer in the broadcast …. In fact, at the rehearsal the day of rehearsal Hyun Joong appealed to stop the pain in the neck and is said to hurry to be treated at a hospital. But all I want to meet will be held in the hope of the event, I arrived late because of the performance time was one hour explaining the purpose of delay. (Mid-stream if the “ever stopped you?” Giddy moment, but rest assured the event will be held to be named.) Opening up DVD “FIRST IMPACT” on the show, and finally the opening announcement! And naturally, “Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong! “The sound of chanting!

Opening a Let Me Go
Dancers on the stage and the emergence of white round objects. Then the white object appeared garbled Hyunjoong been waiting! Wearing sunglasses in black leather as well as a beginning “Let Me Go”! Showing powerful dance!

2 Break Down
“Let Me Go”, without an interval from, bass, a bit on the inside of the body, a great dance number ringing cry now ‘Break Down’! In the midst flame special effects that blow up dance hip Blast! (In this stage, a charismatic aura of Kim Hyun Joong is not a joke! Can feel the dignity of a huge star!)

“Screen: from space to Earth>
From space to Earth, and the episode comes to Japan Hyun Joong will be drawn

Track three, Please (please)
Blend in a beautiful piano melody sad ballad impressive voice of Florida. Appeared in black suit with a stand as dance performances attracted the president.

“Screen: If she wants to five kinds>
If you want to her to Hyun Joong, followed by five kinds of light is.
A. I want to make me cook
Wrote two letters to deliver
Three. I want to give a gift
Four. I want to recreate a scene from a movie (video and a white teddy bear to recreate the scene of the Titanic)
5 I want to sing just for her
(Of course, all seats in the teddy bear … delusions Time ♪ laughter)

Sporty shorts with a white sleeveless outfits appeared. At the end of the song on the screen, such as illuminated, white and carrying a large stuffed bear down on the stage towards the audience. And the front row guests the gift of a doll! (Welcome!)

Kim Hyun Joong: one hour delay today, despite the show so Thank you for your patience.
Audience: the honor is mine. Are you all right?
Hyunjoong: Yes, I, uh, as long as one hour late start, We’re going to finish all the passion poured performances, everybody now larger than the cheering Please.
Ha-you, who came here yesterday (Naoto, integrated Ramey and events) Hand hear it, please? Yesterday was fun? (Yes!)
Louder today than yesterday, I hope to show is one big passion.
One hour late start today as I now ready to go, what do you end an encore mode, heuheong ~
Now, ready to run one hour long? (Yes!)
Naoto Awards yesterday and the duet was uh, I’m performing my single.
Huh? Everybody who gathered today, uh-Today show, for me, he thought about me I’m bosireo on stage.
Today I’ll show utmost to Kim Hyun Joong.
Now, am going to call basketball Next Track not doing. (And I apologize for the opening hours for the delay and say that Florida, certainly not saying I’m sorry, voice rest)

Kiyitte gudasayi, Smile ~

5th Smile
6 Marry You
Mild and gentle vocals continue to unfold presented two songs. “Marry You” throughout the song ended, President “Kim Hyun Joong!” Is a matter shouting encouragement.

Hyunjoong: Yeah, thank you.
Well, today the second single released in Japan this time, the anniversary of my mater?
Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard this CD, all those who came here, How was your trip? (Sound of praise from the audience) Yes, sayigodesyooh? Heuheong want imasu ~ ~ Arigatou
Yes, actually, um, then a single one at home really achieve great results, there were lots of pressure for a single two at home I was driving again, as in the weekly competition that yobeon minutes deulkkeseodo candidate who nominated ‘Dad’s very compelling stuff.
In fact, I did not expect so much, so fans in Japan as soon as daily from passing the No. 1 ~ Yes, I see you for creating, once again, you have felt their power.
Yes, true, I could build my life with such a record in the shot ends up getting you have any questions, heuheong – so empty, the house was two singles.
Yes, only about a single hotspot – called a house there, I was just thinking about, uh, a single one at home, it also houses two Ike would receive so much love greedy people in Iran and some things you could then ~ Oh, climb down, if you know of course Yet that is going to be ready because I’m young, ~ Well, we have a couple more up to 20 times now ready to come down now Let’s do it together. (Oh -! … What’s on your mind clear, and Even so, whilst the second No. 1 single in the Oricon … great a word).
Yes! By then you will feel ready for a party, a couple of hours. Jjeugiwa “Let ‘s Party”!


7 Let ‘s Party
“Let ‘s Party” was just a good fit to celebrate the Oricon # 1 song! Florida finished the song and then a red card, MC appeared.

<Talk Corner>
MC: Kim Hyun Joong’s “Let ‘s Party” to have heard. Ladies and gentlemen, did heightened atmosphere? Talk a little date with Kim Hyun Joong now I would like to proceed to the corner. Uh, did you worry? Waited an hour, but if for Mr. Kim Hyun Joong was good, right? Mr. Kim Hyun Joong busy to keep the peak may be a lag, but showed a very hot stage! So, let your call Mr. Hyun? Well-start “gimhyeonjungssi!”
(Florida appeared. Costume unchanged)

MC: Mr. Hyun Joong, please by all means. Oh, I’m late introduction. I must say Yuka Miyamoto. (DATV distribution of the female announcer Korea) I’m sorry, I forgot about yourself inadvertently in this heat is (laughs). Mr. Kim Hyun Joong … Been keeping busy?
Hyunjoong: Yes, uh harya album activities in Japan and I’m doing drama jjikeurya very busy day.
MC: Exactly. ‘re Stuck with a cold so busy.
Hyunjoong: Yes, I think I caught a cold yet (laughs). (Sore throat’m told that (laughs)). Geolryeoya you do (laugh)?
MC: But, I can see the smiling faces of Kim Hyun Joong to the fans more than anything to gift. (Applause).
Kim Hyun Joong: ahrigattowoo want imasu.

MC: I heard a little bit at first but now, that flesh and reconstruction?
Kim Hyun Joong: physical modification to the body made, right? Oh, I do not know. Well, I think – physical modifications such neukkimin.
MC: We see it also looks perfect, which is how close do you want to teach?
Hyunjoong: Well, we now fit in the drama, the drama that I take now is Le Rice. Name ~
‘re An elf’s body Doyle Rice Le gatguyo, do not mean to raise more. Was hard, physical modifications (this drama, the action is sufficient, “conquest of the city.” Father role “Iris,” Mr. Kim Seung-woo’s decision!)
I came to Japan, the Japanese came uh yobeon come to Japan, if not the first time I have eaten a hurry. (Laughs)
Death grandfather dies. Hmm. The Aru gyudon kkara ~ euheong – (out! Literally Florida down, red-hot talk! Gut laughing).
MC: If you reference, but I’m eating, gyudon (laughs)
Hyunjoong: Oh, yes – I can not stand it. Gyudon the ~ (You’re really in love with gyudon!)

MC: Mr. Hyun has such a cute side, but … Oricon Daily and Weekly # 1 ranking in both, Congratulations!
Hyunjoong: Yes, thank you again.
MC: I think really great, but when I heard the news, How do you do?
Hyunjoong: Well, when we heard a very others think. Raseo really too bad she was not an unexpected result? Yes, I think I was supposed
MC: That’s what you think Hyunjoong ssirado. Is somehow surprising.
Hyunjoong: Oh, to be honest, I thought uh-ranking changed.
MC: The order changed? ?
Kim Hyun Joong: Something did not think that I had a error (laughs).
MC: ~’m humble.
Hyunjoong: No, I’m humbled, really. (Laughter) (And that’s such a sincere modesty, Kim Hyun Joong (laughs)).
MC: That’s great also sweat less.
Kim Hyun Joong: ohneulttara sweat a lot, I think, so you wait one hour was really mad that I gateyo. Hahat ~ (grin)
Audience: It’s okay!
Kim Hyun Joong: I mean, what happened, I’m auditing.
MC: fan, you’re warm. If the two hours for Mr. Hyun, not three hours is fine!
Hyunjoong: Well, fine, but now the two hours – one hour jjaebuteoneun I’d seulseul born painter. (Laughs)
Yes, the agency that now she could also suit those who bet – (Laughter) (do not!)
MC: Kim Hyun Joong, Mr. Chairman I want to go out when it comes to fast! Clear that it was not sane?
Hyunjoong: Well, today I very much Pulls distress. Well, today jjokkeum lot, but it’s not bad, I could really make this show a lot of questions would the two, so they were planning just another rehearsal on stage seonikka also know my potential power comes a hurry. Would not you think they are a source of strength.
MC: I still think that. Warm your strength, due to waiting.
Hyunjoong: Yes, uh – Well, that’s what I think about the power ahnilkka. Dragon Well – I see the ball when the spirits of people that have something called Jade jjogeumssik glad to share power in one place, the money’s power, and now you give the people power that thought is not it. (Applause.) (upfront and the torque will not stop flying ♪)
MC: really digging comics (laughs). But not have to stray a little story, but it was live in many places in Japan, Handshake people and opened many times, do you? There was a live and guerrillas, Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. How do you do?
Hyunjoong: Yeah ~ Well, I’m hard on the first day of the rain, too hot, the second day was hard.
Hmm, so the sound of Osaka when it’s raining a little, so we have prepared multiple-tent. Tent as possible so you can prepare anmateusil rain that fans dont, but the rain is too sunny, sunshine, let alone gotten the fans that were afraid, I think fall.
MC: Because pure man (Chairman Sir? A sound. Florida is famous for being a man that’s the rain)
Kim Hyun Joong: Ah ~ Yes, the weather is not something that I control me, so tell me what the rain man when I’m holding, but in fact not a day think. Meteorological and do not rock it, i. (Laughs). (Fun! Cushion Chapter 1!)
MC: (laughs). And recently Mr. Kim Hyun Joong, a new drama ‘conquest of the city’ into the shooting, but Nikko was that?
Hyung Joon: Yes, I’m on shooting in sunlight, uh, Nikko is the first time I have. But just the way temperature is 32 degrees, so naturally preserved intact, and it is too hot, dense trees in the mountains, let alone if I force myself to feel seonseonhadaneun, and after the concert, oh, I can go to hot springs at the end of shooting a good I think.
Yes, I’ve never yet gabojin hot springs, hot springs you back tonight and I’m thinking the neck released. (Very good springs have a lot of sunlight).
Yes, today, tomorrow after the concert to proceed to shoot in sunlight and know a hurry. Yes, of course, among those who followed this revelation, right? ㅋ (laughs).

MC: Yes (laughs). So, future activities, but also in Korea, including the planned Could you tell me?
Hyunjoong: Yes, what about the future action plan – do not (laughs) Yeah activity plan, the office to talk to approve a plan of action would fall, (laughs) (Decomposition, saying that every time something is Florida!) Anything I want to do ~ neom lot. Uh jjikgu conquered city, the album duration, World Tour, estuaries, and Japan have a new album endurance, then appeared also estuary Japanese drama, the album re-durable, durable Japanese album I want to live so busy, yet I can not talk to the office and have the answer for sure motdeurigetneyo.
Please put pressure on what we have, uh home office. Euheongheong – (laughter)
MC: Yes, your voice is sometimes reflected sees it.
Hyunjoong: Oh, Plenty.
MC: Mr. Hyun is located quite strong (laughs).
Kim Hyun Joong: Sturdy going? It (Laughter)
MC: So now I would like to hear the next song, the fans who wait for one hour before the short message to you, please.
Hyunjoong: Yes, this show despite a delay of an hour every single one minute left so thank you so much for this grace, this great venue, but one minute one minute at a small venue … we are going next year. Arigatou want imasu ~
MC: I’m looking forward to! Mr. Hyun straight forward Let’s cheer!

“Screen: Comic-style picture Ahmedabad>
Jackpot at the casino, to be drawn from the homeless. (Ame-style pop images Komi cool! Florida deochi comedy acting cute)

8 Do you like that?
9 Lucky Guy
Change costumes. The bottom appeared dressed in a pink suit! Many dancers and dance, sing along fun!

“Screen: woojusin Hyunjoong>
Kim Hyun Joong woojusin episode which light

Hyunjoong: Yes, ah … What about today, I need to deliver to you my appreciation, despite the time, so I’m sorry to have kept you waiting an hour or convey once again never wanted anyone to say that, yes, while you enjoy the show throughout the other hand, one hand feeling sorry sweetheart … Not be lost but it did not help.
Frankly, not even good condition, notwithstanding Think of this also is an excuse, if a professional conditioning and performance professionals. Jalhaeteoya 4th point, which he did not and I sincerely apologize again, I would like to say thank you for understand. (Applause)
Yes, always wanting to thank you for coming today and a lot of preparation I wanted to sing with you, so … Dapdapha nonikka I’m thinking and the body separately. Ha-four.
Today, for shame of you to pour it on the stage … for the rest, of course ~
Firmly believe next year, so make sure of a big hall, but a small venue again, one minute one minute away from all those who’ve come on visit hope we’ll have to forgive me With all due respect. (At the venue will be wrapped with the shout of welcome to Florida. More loud cheers. Around the fans away with the cry even look like somewhere, “Kim Hyun Joong,” Cole. Kim Hyun Joong fans, the best!)
In fact, the following four songs “If you’re like me, you ”m, sore throat I’ve been meaning to do a good relationship with the AR possibly two gokmankeumeun Was not it helps to think.
AR prepared just hanging, but this will bulreodeu mainly non gokmankeumeun. In the console this song just a little delay, Please.
Some of you please sing along.

10th If you’re like me, you (a cappella)
Florida can not hardly begins to sing …. And finally, began to sing in a cappella. (Dry ice in a wave of hard singing Florida, especially in the last appalled voice full of soul! Spectacular stage).

Florida has demonstrated very deoeopneun mind. “The next song” HEAT “! As to introduce new song with the band tired!

Hyunjoong: Yes, today is not angkoleun. I will be right there. Now, “Let ‘s Party”!

Track 12 Let ‘s Party
13 Lucky Guy
“HEAT” will encore after singing two songs in a row to the last once was! Move to where the left and right off the stage breathtaking singing and dancing with sweat! (A face, but somehow you feel that would raise very friendly!)

Hyunjoong: Yes, ha ha – yes, today is being treated you much trouble, ha, you can come back later when 2 minutes boepguyo again today, the most labor-Matic haejusin a nice round of applause for the best art of the dance team Please.
Today, I have no regrets doing the best you can swallow the stage. Fleeting moment of you today, do you think you know you did your best two crew., Well, I’m here, I’ll say.
Minnasang, ahrigattowoo gojayimasitta ~ (dancers join hands with a ten personnel) ahrigattowoo gojayimasitta!

Minnasang, mattane ~

Is not the best of condition, coexisting best Hyun Joong showed the best performance. Fans want to convey my appreciation to you, but it does not express his thoughts as … Then, faced with a dilemma I would have a very hard time. But that power exerted by adversity because you think that the performances. In the future, continue to shoot the drama is constant hard schedule Florida. You sigh and turn the rest from the hot springs (Laughter.) I want to also look forward to this year’s plays!

Kim Hyun Joong, 30,000 people moved fans to communicate the report of the event!

B’z released on July 4 provides the first four simultaneous song “HEAT” the Oricon No. 1 singles record week! 5th International Man feat accomplished as a solo artist, Kim Hyun Joong July 15 event at the Saitama Super Arena CD purchaser “KIM HYUN JOONG HEAT 2012 IN JAPAN ‘held.

[Kim Hyun Joong's special gifts to the fans]
This event is a whopping CD buyers have to apply on a first come, first served basis the day and evening concert performances to attract 30,000 people a total of two times! Auditorium full of female fans of all ages, men have the appearance of the fans one by one! Bold “Florida” call. “A gentleman is here, I guess. Where are you from? Male fans they’ve come, of course, okay ~ heuheong I lately men fan minute they gradually started to gain supposed to think. Sauna carelessly go do I need to (laughs).” He jokes, stirring joy were expressed.

In fact, Kim Hyun Joong day, bad throat condition, the rehearsal is stopped and rested on the stage who were treated at the hospital, but the evening’s performance, “survived drug – also nice (laughs).” He beamed a smile as fans are concerned to reassure “The first part is not the voice singing the song was in good enough condition but, do all the songs Part 2, please listen: Let this atmosphere – literally the last minute,” said the event began. “Because I’m Stupid”, “I’m your man,” “If you’re like me, you like” ballad song with expressive songs, especially “I’m your man” you, as a guide pharyngitis continue to lie in the high frequencies introduced rongtoneul . A voice in his tolerance and the depth to the music, singers Kim Hyun Joong is the charms were well demonstrated.

In addition, rarely are unable to meet the fans want to show gratitude for! Kim Hyun Joong a lot from this day gift! “Kim Hyun Joong wanted what her five kinds of the future,” said “to make me want to cook,” “Sincerely I want to write a letter such as” Kim Hyun Joong showed images of the whole situation in Japan debut single “Kiss Kiss” at the demonstration! ? Images shown in the big teddy bear (her), take a pass and suddenly the stage hands gently holding down a kiss to the fans! In addition, “Marry You” one of the fans by inviting people on stage after singing the side, looking me in the eye, bouquet and took two shots on the spot and futures, such as Polaroid fans to sign his own mind full of care Happy Surprise, Chairman envy in the eye and scream and shout ssayeotda.

[Singer Bow copper a rest, till we meet again ...]
Also today, also provide MC Corner, “a Japanese hotel because of the small toothpaste toothpaste needs two at once,” “the morning after brushing teeth to showering habits” such as he could against his glimpse. And “you my 2nd single” HEAT “Thank you much affection in this song you sing your song made” and “HEAT” introduced. Diurnal variation in the style ballads and dance so far, Kim Hyun Joong at once transformed into the band’s vocalist. Powerfully intense rock tune sung by the whole body to lift the microphone stand at the end of the graph, the toughest such bonmoseupeul showed Hyunjoong.

In the encore, “U”, starting with the parade of dance popular in South Korea! “Let ‘s Party” to take the dancers on stage, the audience, one week down under. Presented an energetic performance in front of fans. And the encore song “Lucky Guy ‘ascension to the chairman heated up! 15,000 people are united event celebrates the end of the arduous holding a sign with a smile.

Present the drama “conquest of the city ‘Kim Hyun Joong is being taken. In order to concentrate on a new role “musical activities are closed for a while,” he During the ceremony, he declared flatly. “I’m an actor, not the next singer Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun Joong will be the next one to be healthy until the day I see you stand by me, I really thank you!”

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun Joong as little as nine minutes of the ceremony was also in his neck that was not my condition must have been a surprise situation. But after all the performances the audience a refreshing look at the smiling faces, this whole situation, including the 30,000 people who visited this day and an unforgettable new anniversary to Kim Hyun Joong must have been engraved.