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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong jeongyumi ‘kkotnamkkotnyeo couples’ arms force along the sweet lovers

Kim Hyun Joong jeongyumi ‘kkotnamkkotnyeo couples’ arms, wearing a sweet lover Force
2012-07-24 07:47:34

[Newsen gwonsubin News]

Kim Hyun Joong, jeongyumi affectionately arm in arm in the photo was released.

Which will be aired the end of the drama ‘conquest of the city’ (a play hwangjuha / director yangyunho) officials on July 24 Hyunjoong (baekmireu station) and jeongyumi (yidanbi station) has released the first photos melodrama.

Kim Hyun Joong acting in the first action in the picture as to challenge the harsh action through training and weight loss is introducing a sleek jaw line. Jewelry designer who plays the drama jeongyumi yidanbi a distinctive eye-catching with a bright smile.


[OSEN = Lee Ji Young News] Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong, jeongyumi masterpiece starring drama ‘conquest of the city “melodrama of the first stills are open to the public attention.

Which will be aired later this year ‘conquest of the city’ (director yangyunho, Screenplay hwangjuha, making midieobaek) breast small, earnest noir melodrama and tough action, and society as a real man’s friendship with the contents of the fight against absolute evil in Japan, is actively shooting.

However, an adaptation of the original and still the overall take on the story because, while maintaining security for the many fans at the request of Kim Hyun Joong (baekmireuyeok) and jeongyumi (two buggers) Melo’s first photo was released.

Pictures on the first action scenes in the drama, Kim Hyun Joong as to challenge the harsh action through training and weight loss showed a sleek jaw line. Arm in arm with a smile alongside jeongyumi putputhan thrill to the hearts of fans and this picture, looks haphazard matted hair and a wild man unvarnished look ‘baekmireu’ took notice of the harsh reality of life.

I do not charm the charm ‘meotnam’, the true charisma of a woman in love with a guy who is always caring and warm ‘baekmireu’ appearance presented fully.

In addition, the drama ‘jewelry designer in charge of two buggers jeongyumi heroine in an old picture of the public in a white dress in front of the point a little polka lovely cardigan tied kodihae hamyi more distinctive bright shining smiles and innocent. ‘Rooftop Prince’ shot in the summer, trendy hair style that the chic ‘chadonyeo’ s jeongyumi showcased another spectacular hairstyle rongweyibeu and a woman who dreams of true love ‘yidanbi’ fully digested pure garyeonhyeong emit an aura of self-luminous is

And netizens “Kim Hyun Joong jeongyumi kkotnamkkotnyeo couples coming along so well”, “waited and too much is expected ssamaen Story,” “expect jeongyumi look great acting and doing.”, “Kim Hyun Joong baekmireu want to turn into … some really cool look conquest of the city soon .. I want to see .. can not wait. “,” Hyun Joong oppa and fragmented “, and was an explosive reaction.