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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Oricon # 1 日 new single up the first day 外

(Tokyo = Yonhap News) yitaemun Correspondent = Hallyu star, Kim Hyun Joong introduced four days the second single, “Heat (HEAT) ‘the first day of the sale to sell 137,774 sheets ilganchateu sector topped the Oricon singles.

The single beads, the popular Japanese group (B’z) composed the lyrics, “Heat (HEAT) ‘including the’ Let’s party (Let’s party) ‘, including two songs were better. Sales as overseas store shelves last January 25 the first day of the singer’s debut release include Japan, which recorded the highest debut single “Kiss Kiss / Lucky this (KISS KISS / Lucky Guy) ‘of 71,812, about twice jangboda approximately increased.

He released the 4th Tokyo Odaiba dangilin siohkaje guerrilla concert in the park were extinguishing. 14 and 15 days after coming over the next two days at the Saitama Super Arena for the second single released commemorates the live performances are also expected to decorate.

14 days in Japan to attract highly popular musicians have already called Naoto integrated collaborations with ‘Double Fantasy Star – Great assists (DOUBLE FANTASISTA’ GREAT ASSIST ‘)’ will proceed. 15 days to target buyers premium music event ‘Kim HyunJoong’ HEAT ’2012 jaepaen of’ Open access twice to interact with fans

Kim Hyun Joong, the overwhelming # 1 Oricon Daily 日 differences aside … TVXQ

Kim Hyun Joong’s second single album in Japan ‘Heat (HEAT)’ shook the islands.

Kim Hyun Joong was released in Japan in the past four days the second single album ‘Heat (HEAT)’ released at the same time, selling 130,008 records in the ceiling, and topped the Oricon daily charts.

Such a huge sales in January last year released a debut album in Japan “Kiss Kiss / Lucky this (KISS KISS / Lucky Guy) ‘at the ceiling of approximately 70,002 to well above levels higher phase of Kim Hyun Joong will be realized.

In particular, the first day of release sales record of 130,008 ceiling, women across the international artists, Kim Hyun Joong as the first record set in January last year, TVXQ ‘Y (Why)’ ceiling of 130,003 recorded more sales than the ceiling is about 5.

In addition, Kim Hyun Joong released an album in the same time, a Japanese pop group Morning Musume’s “one, Two, Three” and Yamashita Tomohisa’s ‘LOVE CHASE’ record sales and making more than overwhelming representing K-POP singer showed off down potential .

Small Japanese people musician (B’z) with the participation of a large collection of topics Hyunjoong second single album ‘Heat (HEAT)’ before the album officially released in Japan ‘rekochyoku’ mobile music on the daily chart, an early rise, popularity has heralded a.

Officially released on the day between the 4th to the overwhelming No. 1 Oricon daily charts in achieving the various off-line book and music stores, such as sales ranking No. 1 objective is demonstrated by figures are continuing to surge in popularity.

Local official “local” heat (HEAT) ‘is the reaction of explosive, “said” Kim HyunJoong’s popularity in Japan and worked with beads and meet high quality album stirred synergies brought about such a response seems to be “he said.

Kim Hyun Joong’s second single album ‘Heat (HEAT)’ and ‘Let’s party (Let’s party)’ are two songs listed.

Meanwhile, in Japan, terrestrial TV appearances and media interviews with Kim Hyun Joong in vigorous activity continues in the coming seven days in Osaka will be held once a handshake