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[Article/Interview] Publisher ‘midieobaek’ baekjindong representative “drama” conquest of the city ‘actions, visuals, and story all work to the highest level printer “

[Star Daily News = tedious, News]

‘Iris’,’ Athena – Goddess of War by acclaimed producer manufacturers the ability to ‘midieobaek’ representative of the baekjindong.
This year, the drama ‘conquest of the city through “is looking forward to yet another jackpot. In addition, this work does not stand comparison with previous large-scale overseas location, as well as
Lining of the stars has raised expectations for his appearance before airing.

Enough to feel like a movie drama yeonchulhaenae complete the work meet with representatives baekjindong What is he to seek work world,
Many people are looking forward to work ‘conquest of the city’ was divided about the story.

Q: It was ancient at the bottom of the so-called thick film can understand that. Younghwajjok instrument and the background the way it works?

At first I wanted to become an actor. So entertaining teacher in Busan Taek sections of dangeoripae doeeoseo movie audition then saw little action.
He almost fell jyeoteuna audition became a bit part appearances as things in the movie step jejakbu dowooda younghwapan has entered the digits of the now.


Q:recently midieobaek ‘founded a TV production company is being aired in Korea’ Deleted Wed bowl ‘dramas were produced.
The reaction of viewers ‘Deleted Wed bowl’ organized into two air dwaetdamyeon have achieved ratings of 30 percent is good enough pyeongyida work.
Rewarding things you touch frequently stay here with regret. Deleted Wed bowl ‘of making a memorable day special episode, if you have regret?

As well as inconvenient. Yeoteum airwaves to talk I’ve heard a lot that came out 30%. Got the first letter of intent was organized in the SBS.
Due to different conditions in the process and eventually a lot of unexploded combination was disappointed. Imchangjeong personally have been friends with.
Playful heart had a lot of effort you want to create a memorable drama


Q:dramas’ Iris’, ‘Athena – Goddess of War and has been such a big company and producer of the work.
Colorful cast of great interest, as well as take-scale came from the broadcast before, have not had any subsequent difficulty or burden?

Iris, Minerva – the goddess of war, an unprecedented large-scale overseas were shot during shooting every day was full of tension.
Compared to the film’s texture and space to work, waiting for the script of the drama can not attribute a lot of it was hard to adapt.
This boss Taewon Entertainment Junior also had a lot away from here. But frankly, there was confidence.

In contrast, the jongyoung bowl homemade Wed clearing work finished two weeks ago as an actor, director, writer and respiration fitted well.Wed clearing the bowl system and the TV movie, but the atmosphere was able to finish well in the shooting.

Q:masterful sketches too big a success that ten thousand is not printer. Know how to prepare your masterpiece is there?

Yes, there are. I joined the drama “Athena – Goddess of War”, the movie “Resurrection of the Little Match Girl,” a work that will daedapil.
Confidence not only in big trouble. Successful “Iris,” a drama like the story should be solid. Absolute success is a factor.
In a solid storytelling to steal the hearts of the people to be work with a heart, I thought.


Q:upcoming blockbuster drama ‘conquest of the city’ and know that you are ready.
Have already been aired before nakjeomdwae starring Hallyu star, Kim Hyun Joong is anticipated. How’s it going now ready?

July 10 in Japan, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture where the first non-shooting is in progress. Protagonist, as well as Kim Hyun Joong Nam Gung Min, Seung-Woo Kim, jeongyumi, plays a starring gimhuiwon.
Japan already in the minimum guarantee for only $ 4 million sold and the money is taken to proceed


Q:drama ‘Iris’ director yangyunho successfully directed the ‘conquest of the city’ are aware that directing.
The combination of director and CEO yangyunho baekjindong second ‘Iris’ is reminiscent of the. And somehow bigger expectations. What is with director yangyunho forty-two?

And sleep with seniors to do with my life. I also co-director and if yangyunho somehow seem to be well. Perhaps director seems to think so too.

Q:Recently comics, novels based on the original work is hitting the flood gates. This works in the ‘conquest of the city’ s own differentiation strategy boast What?

Sinhyeongbin 1,000 copies of the original conquest of the city is popular manhwada sold. The drama, the characters in cartoons and stories, but you can not have a lot of factors.
This differentiation strategy of conquest of the city expect the global project is a large scale.

Brilliant action, melodrama’s visual drama found in the hitherto would not be able to Korea.
The computer graphics and all shooting equipment is expected to be the highest level.

Q:’conquest of the city’ has already seonpanmaeman million overseas heard approaching. To celebrate and communicates with the testimony?

I is just amazing. Occupied by the Asian market than you think Hyun Joong infinite contrary.
Japanese conquest of the city with just 400 million minimum guarantee and the option contract ttaroda.
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong is in the process of sending and receiving from the contract. Perhaps the conquest of the city about 15 billion of foreign sales, would not have expected to see.


Q:wave is thought to have a big impact. Overseas market in mind, Kim Hyun Joong will cast an?

Of course it is. What I’ve been to Myanmar, starring Kim Hyun Joong “Boys Over Flowers” Myanmar state television viewership by 55%. Okay.
In Asian countries including Japan, the popularity of Kim Hyun Joong is convinced that by far the best.
In the meantime, perhaps the work of Kim Hyun Joong is a big mistake if you think the smoke. Drama, “conquered the city in” Le Rice is convinced that the 100 points, Kim Hyun Joong.

Q:Then you have to cast actors of work what are your criteria?

Fundamentals and the potential and possibilities, and sincerity is Star forward on the stability of the cast bring success rather than failure and see ahswiumman.

Q:printer is busy this year with the subsequent work. What is the future plan? We want to manufacture in another genre or if you have?

As a drama coach, public relations director gangjegyu want to. Gangjegyu director and drama history again want sseobogo. Genre or the material does not cover.
Just want to create drama that has touched only.

Q:baekjindong expecting the birth family and a dream to be the final printer baekjindong representatives. I dream and ultimate goal is to draw something?

Loved ones survived to the end and if we can continue to work will be happy.