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[Hyunjoong # 1 Oricon week celebration ♡] Hyunjoong new single Oricon weekly chart, # 1

Tokyo = Yonhap News) yitaemun Correspondent = hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong introduced in the last four days the second single, “Heat (HEAT) ‘on the Oricon weekly chart after ilganchateu topped.

137,774 first day sales Oricon singles division ilganchateu chapters started up a ‘hit’ the first week of release to sell 180,003 ceiling topped the weekly chart.

This store shelves on January 25, he released the first week of the last 120,002 ceiling Oricon weekly charts in Japan’s No. 2 debut single “Kiss Kiss / Lucky this (KISS KISS / Lucky Guy) ‘greatly exceeds the volume of the first Oricon record enjoyed the glory of a weekly chart.

International solo artist, having won the singles released over the first week is a ‘hit’ is the fifth-ever, past 3 above include the first week sales record.

The single beads, the popular Japanese group (B’z) composed the lyrics, “Heat (HEAT) ‘including the’ Let’s party (Let’s party) ‘, including two songs were better.

Kim Hyun Joong for two days over the coming 14 and 15 at the Saitama Super Arena for the second single released commemorates the live performances are also expected to decorate.

14 days in Japan to attract highly popular musicians have already called Naoto integrated collaborations with ‘Double Fantasy Star – Great assists (DOUBLE FANTASISTA’ GREAT ASSIST ‘)’ will proceed. 15 days to target buyers premium music event ‘Kim HyunJoong’ HEAT ’2012 jaepaen of’ Open access twice to interact with fans


Kim Hyun Joong, 日 Oricon Weekly # 1. Chapter sold 183,000 first week

Kim Hyun Joong in Japan topped the Oricon weekly chart.

Kim Hyun Joong in the last four days in Japan the second single, “Heat (HEAT) ‘released as the first day sales of about 14 million to the Oricon Daily charts on the right to lead, released the first week only 183,000 pages selling records the weekly chart also at the top was crowned .

This store shelves last January 25 the first week of release 122000 chapters Oricon weekly chart, Japan’s No. 2 album “Kiss Kiss / Lucky this (KISS KISS / Lucky Guy) ‘as a record of more significance beyond the deep. Local officials music “in just a few months Kim Hyun Joong and his music has grown incredibly,” Kim Hyun Joong pace of the assessment and expressed great interest in that it was announced.

In addition, a single released a solo artist overseas ranked No. 1 in the first week that Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘hit’ is the fifth, followed by the first week sales record include the third-largest ever more attention.

Japan the last two days the second single, “Heat (HEAT) ‘Kim Hyun Joong leaving for the activity of the authentic Japanese terrestrial broadcast appearances and interviews, conducted as aksuhoe gamyeo lead busy schedule leading to K-POP choejeongsang craze has demonstrated potential as an artist .

Kim Hyun Joong was mobilized on the 3rd Odaiba 5,000 fans last 7 days, followed by a handshake times 5,000 fans in Osaka, also proceeded to shake his hand once. In addition, on September 4th and the 8th special places without prior notice and Nagoya in Odaiba “Let’s party (Let’s party) ‘a surprise performance, the audience gathered at the scene serves has offered a special stage.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong comes two days 14 and 15 at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan, Vol Memorial Free Live with single released in Japan already with La musicians Naoto integrated collaborations over 60,000 people through the stage is scheduled to meet with fans.