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[Japan / articles] Kim Hyun Joong, Saitama Super Arena Live prosperous “stage presence captivated by 60,000 fans,” 外 (+ chugajung)

Kim Hyun Joong, Saitama Super Arena Live prosperous “stage presence that attracts 60,000 fans”Kim Hyun Joong, Saitama Super Arena Live prosperous “stage presence that attracts 60,000 fans”

Kim Hyun Joong second single album released in Japan celebrate the great success live closed.

Kim Hyun Joong 14, 15 at the Saitama Super Arena on Wednesday and Thursday the stage and exclusive live collaboration “Kim Hyun Joong” hit “2012 in Japan> held a total of more than 60,000 fans attended.

14 days the Japanese popular musicians, Naoto, integrated Ramey stage collaborations with “Double Fantasy Star Great assists,” Kim Hyun Joong held a burst of energy and great stage presence captivated fans held the next day raised expectations for a single live. The next day (the 15th), Kim Hyun Joong to be held before the start time of a single live performance theaters, hundreds of fans lined up in orderly fashion to await the opening.

Day ‘Heat (HEAT)’ and ‘Let’s party (Let’ s party) ‘debut was released to the fans for the first time attracted more attention to live. Kim Hyun Joong in response to the attention of fans and a great live performance from beginning to end, bringing in the fans more fervent members were excited to send a president.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong in Japan, the second single album, ‘hit’ with the activity, the subject of the drama ‘conquest of the city’ has been sold in the Japanese locale.

[Photo: KEYEAST]


“KIM HYUN JOONG HEAT 2012 IN JAPAN” message to the fans, Kim Hyun Joong tears of gratitude!


Wed July 4 released in the long-awaited 2nd single “HEAT” on July 16, 2002 Oricon single week, including No. 1 ranked men abroad as a solo artist ever accomplished the feat in the fifth on July 15, Kim Hyun Joong (a) CD buyer event at the Saitama Super Arena “HEAT 2012 IN JAPAN” held, CD buyers filed on a first come, first served basis at this event twice a day and night, 30,000 fans attended.


Kim Hyun Joong before starting rehearsals for the worse his condition to stop the neck and go to the hospital being treated to the announcement date eosuseonhaetjiman the hall, opening one hour later was unharmed.
As chairman of dark green and waving lightsticks shouting Hyunjoong event began at last in great acclaim.
Curtain opens, a huge white balloon in the center of the stage was separated, Kim Hyun Joong appeared in it. A dancer with “Let me go” “BREAK DOWN” sang two songs of the President in the shape of fans filled the anxiety is gone once and Florida – have complained that sing loud cheers.


Following the stage to the screen image comes to Earth from space, Kim Hyun Joong set the image of the flow, “Please” and singing sexy again “on the screen you want to say to her in the future,” he putting title, Cooking, letters, gifts, movies a scene of her songs for only five items practiced on a large stuffed polar bear images that have passed. T-shirts and uniforms and costumes, dolls, Kim Hyun Joong has appeared again, CHORUS “KISS KISS” called. Suddenly in the middle of the fan off the stage choose one of the President and the doll was a surprise.


After returning to the stage, “an hour late today, sorry so I will try my best. Kim Hyun Joong and I’ll show yourself,” he apologized, “is the best! Thank you,” he comments in Japanese. “1st single yeoteumeuro a good result, 2nd single was a little worried. But I did not expect, given a place you can feel the power of thought and still want to go up here,” he said again my appreciation to the fans. And now with the best gibuneu seventh song “Let ‘s Party” Rocking Song, Chairman of the opening also was the highest.


Talk Time continues.
Q: I was told that the body and converting?
Kim Hyun Joong: “Now the drama ‘conquest of the city’ and the shooting, and Rice Le stations because of the body is now facing more than just a discipline, but likes to come to Japan’re not eating ramen, but I’ve got beef bowl ( Laughter) I can not tolerate gyudon (Laughter) ”


Q: the Oricon weekly chart, the No. 1 spot in the testimony?
Kim Hyun Joong: “when we heard of others seemed to be have you ever wondered incorrect information. Felt that there was a mistake. (MC humble remarks are rubbish), but I’m serious (laughs).”


Q: I had come a little late so the nerves of thorns apologized.
Kim Hyun Joong: “Actually I was not quite bad condition, but concerned about his ability to stand on stage, but actually look at the rehearsal when the hidden power never comes, you thought had the power to lead. Dragonball look at the power of individual gathered that a large force, but nothing does it feel today, I think that the power (just as the applause emanating president.)


Q: aksuhoe, appreciation of the guerrilla live?
Kim Hyun Joong: “The first day of rain, the second day it was hard to heat. Osaka forecast a non-tents because there were a lot of employees have the horse haetseupnidaman keep going, let alone rain sizzling hot pan from the heat was worried that you fall down. Rain Men say, but a pretty good day, do not select anything, meteorology and chemistry may not be good (laughs). ”


Q: Drama ‘conquest of the city of’ How do you shoot?
Jun: “There are shots from Nikko, Nikko, the temperature is 32 degrees, but the nature remains intact and is in the mountains, very cool. Shoot I wish I could go to the end of the spring, i think.”


Q: Please tell me about future activities.
Kim Hyun Joong: “We do not plan future activities. (Laughs) must be approved by the Office can present (laughs), but I want to have a lot now filming the drama ‘conquest of the city’, and also want to create a finished album, World I want to tour, but also in Japan want to pay the new single and album, I want to take drama in Japan, and continue to do so busy and I would like, but do not yet support offices collected stories (laughs). office gonghome your If you have comments, please record (daepokso). ”


Q: President’s message to you, please.
Kim Hyun Joong: “Today is the start, despite a delay of one hour without having to return a person can still feel you very much for your grace, this grace the big stage, but would like to give to each of the small stage I think next year can be I wish I think.
Chairman of the fans depending on its expectations for next year as a big shout applauded. Hyun fans to cherish throughout the care you feel engulfed in the warm atmosphere of the torque president.


For the latter event as a black costume, Kim Hyun Joong appeared again and the bartender, “Do you like that” “Lucky Guy” stage full of dancers and staged two songs. Chairman of the song ended, to the fans, “Today’s time to convey my appreciation, again an hour later that the apologies. This show was packed during happy and feeling sorry. Professional if you behave if you do not manage the condition should not It did not take back about what you would like to sincerely apologize. And you understand. Thank you, thank you, and the charge was going to prepare the hearts of the body and mind and I thought that was separated itself is a sad thought. Today’s Stage I’m sorry, I want by doing our best and promise, next year, one by one from a small stage and I’d like to see. ”
Now, while the mood of the story, overflowing tears with a towel covering his face like Kim Hyun Joong shouting the battle cry in the President rang.


And “ready to play, but as a cappella singing,” he clears a few or several times to breathe, “If you’re like me, you ‘sang the president was full of emotion and tears, and the band to raise commando artillery cannon geoneurigo latest single” HEAT ‘singing, the atmosphere of the venue reached its peak. In addition, engaging dancers step lively “Let ‘s Party” featuring the performance of a surprise jump in the middle of the audience on stage, too, Chairman lightsticks whole singing and shouts of encouragement and swirl in Florida, all 13 songs finished, a portion was shut down.
Communication with fans and Hyunjoong surprising aspect, and was able to see many performances, AB unending satisfied smile to the event ended.
[Photo = pic by Taku Fujii]