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Kim Hyun Joong women themselves ‘HEAT’ release emergency public + asian Hana aksuhoe aksuhoe PHOTO Report

Kim Hyun Joong 2nd single “HEAT” sale commemoration event @ Odaiba

South Korea’s No.1 solo artist, Kim Hyun Joong to be released on July 4 the long-awaited 2nd single “HEAT” for the promotion of July 3, two bars come from the president of Palette Town, for everyone to purchase limited CD “HEAT “Release anniversary commemoration was held shake.

Events are found in a long time to talk to Hyun fans to buy the CD column neom hit back Palette Town, Chairman of the degree of congestion on surrounding roads like one week. About 5,000 people visit on weekdays during the day despite the heat was tremendous

Kim Hyun Joong arriving by car.
Waving to the fans, “Long time no see. Kim Hyun Joong is so cool you’d better shake hoereulharyeomyeonyi’s,” he was like to worry about the rain began to fall, yet. A simple Q & A doiteotseupnida aksuhoe before.

Q in front of the fans feel?
Lined up at the hotel of your appearance is overwhelming. Today’s rain (grin).
Also released CD’s raining the day of the event. In addition, earlier earthquake, you are. Both were worried.

Q aksuhoe’s first solo debut. How do you feel?
At first, about 100 people come because of a handshake once said ryeona ~ i thought so much!
Loved in return you will want to do is to shake hands with all who come together has given so much.
Tough times you think I’ll shake hands, but with possible bright side to the end Sincerely I would like to shake hands

Burning Q B ‘z and feel to meet?
When the two men gave the recording to come, rather than advice, believe me, “HEAT” was a song leave.
And, in fact improvised, who participated in the chorus was Mr. Inaba. It was a pleasure.
Was due to mature. Literally “HEAT” is thought to be a hot album.

QLet ‘s Party became the world’s first open. Some gokipnikka?
“We’re going with me at the end of the party means” there is contained. Please forward completed because it is very cute.
And tomorrow, please forward because the guerilla concert. “Let ‘s Party” look cute Make guerrillas live.
I hope you come so many people.

Q I’d like a message to the fans.
In the second singles Thanks so much interested.
Thought to have become stronger in the rain umbrella people who do not have to put please.
And shake inning to help you move forward please.

After the photo session for the media, according to Hyun’s proposal originally planned for the fans who had been waiting a long time, unlike open-style naked aksuhoe booth curtain. Fans caring, compassionate feelings were able to glimpse.

Now, finally shaking hands inning! One by one, from children to elderly people to shake hands with a smile on my face jun.  final stage despite the rain, the fans of the column was continued without interruption

July 14, Kim Hyun Joong future “~ Kim Hyun Joong & Naoto, integrated Ramey DOUBLE FANTASISTA” GREAT ASSIST “~” are held.
Next July 15 event at the Saitama Super Arena CD purchasers, August 10 th, “2012 EAST Jingu Gaien Earthquake Charity Fireworks” is scheduled to appear on.

Summer 2012, Kim Hyun Joong will make Japan more must be a not hot.

Kim Hyun Joong “HEAT” to release emergency public aksuhoe PHOTO!
K ☆ STAR LOVERS 2012  07 03  K ☆ STAR LOVERS 2012 년 07 월 03

South Korea’s No.1 solo artist, is released on July 4, Kim Hyun Joong-awaited 2nd single “HEAT” for the promotion of the 2nd Japanese PM visited.
Kim Hyun Joong made chic with a black top and bottom with 400 fans gathered at the airport greeting and responded with a smile, “is a long time, HEAT Let’s!” He comments.
Kim Hyun Joong fans celebrated with applause.
Today, “HEAT” limited CD release commemorating President purchaser events (aksuhoe) was held in the geupgeo.
Kim Hyun Joong’s smile, open the emergency PHOTO