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[PRE-ORDER ANNOUNCEMENT] Kim Hyun Joong – 2nd Mini Album ‘Lucky’

Hello to all Henecia,
We will try to assist you and make you understand what’s really happen with all the pre-order and the bulk purchase that everyone is talking about.
For some of you might have wonder why would KeyEast in their NOTICE, wants to do the pre-order and why we need to place the order through several online Korean website. This is because all of the album sales from the online sites will be counted in the Hanteo Chart that contribute to the winning percentages in the music shows.
These big companies do play the vital roles for the contribution compare if you buy the album through the small shops in Korea (i.e Myeong-dong) and yes they offer a cheap price but it would not help much in the sales percentage.
As for now, only a Normal Version of the album is confirmed. Thus, we will take a pre- order for the normal version ONLY. If there’s a Limited/Special Edition been announced later, then we will try to adjust to that order as well.
This time around, we will be joining Miclub, a Korean KHJ FC in terms of comeback projects for Kim Hyun Joong. You can refer to their invitation HERE and I will assist you on how you can actually participate in the projects through Henecia (Kim Hyun Joong’s fans club) .
Since this is a pre-order and we’re also dealing in securing good purchase by weeks, there’s tendency that you will receive the album LATER compare when you’re buying with other k-pop stores, online websites or personal seller. So, if you think you can’t handle the HEAT of holding “LUCKY” for too long, we advise you to purchase with those stores.
And for those who willing to accept the consequences (TQVM!!!), don’t worry, we will update you from time to time WHEN you will receive the album. =)
1. The Album: ‘LUCKY’
Kim Hyun Joong - 2nd Mini Album ‘LUCKY’ + Poster.

01. Do you like that
02. Lucky Guy – 타이틀
03. Smile
04. 나는 네 남자야 (I’m your man)
05. U
06. Lucky Guy (inst.)

  • Album + shipping + poster ‘in-tube’ = RM85 / USD 29
2. Banking Details:
  • Name: Nurul Sharina Nasir
  • Maybank MALAYSIA Berhad : 164333279301
  • Swift Bank Code : MBBEMYKL
  • Extremely PROHIBITED cross-transfer banking as it will be hard to trace your money.
  • If you can’t transfer it online, you might want to consider to transfer/bank-in the money at the bank counter. Appreciate if you can scan or snap the slip :)
  3. Details of Purchase
  • Sent me the details of your order to:
  • Email: [nurulsharinanasir@yahoo.com]
  • Subject: [Your Name] Pre-Order album KHJ’s “Lucky”
with the following info:
1) Quantity of the album:
2) Name:
3) Address:
4) Contact number:
5) Poster (folded/tube) [if you choose mail method]:
After transaction:
i) Amount transferred:
ii) Date & time of transfer:
iii) Deposit bank:
  • Please provide us , proof of the transaction so that we can confirm you order and the transaction.
  • If there’s no proof or it’s not clear stated that you made the payment, we will not accept the order.
  • We will be very strict this time. So please follow the instructions carefully ^^ 
4. Extra(s)
  • [ 8th October 2011, 11.59pm Korean time]
*all payment should reach us as the above dateline for us to proceed with your pre-order*
  • Further inquiries email it to us [nurulsharinanasir@yahoo.com].
  • I will update if there is further news or info about this.
Question & Answer:
1. Is there any Limited Edition for “LUCKY”?
- There’s no Limited Edition so far for “LUCKY. If there’s, we will inform all of you about it.
2. Will the album count towards Hanteo Chart?
YES. The album sales here will count up in the Hanteo Chart. No need to worry.
3. When will receive the album?
- Estimation would be around 3 weeks after the release. We also hope it would be sooner but lets faced the reality shall we.
4. Who is Miclub?
- Miclub is one of the KHJ Korea FC that’s been supporting him for all these while. They made a numerous donation, project supports and also been supporting high and low for our HJ. You can click HEREHEREHERE and HERE for the project supports that they have done for the previous ‘Playful Kiss’ & ‘Break Down’ promotion. In order to prepare like that, a big sum of money is needed. So, let’s help each other for the one MAIN objective towards KIM HYUN JOONG.