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[Interview] Lee Jung Jae Praises Kim Soo Hyun for Lightening the Mood on Set


Lee Jung Jae of The Thieves praised his junior Kim Soo Hyun as “an actor who lightens up the scene.”

In a recent interview with enews about The Thieves, Lee Jung Jae said about Kim Soo Hyun, “He worked hard to lighten the mood on set. When I was a rookie, I felt daunted but Kim Soo Hyun didn’t seem to feel so. Kim Soo Hyun was an actor who enjoyed being on set.”

Kim Soo Hyun made his big screen debut through this film as the new thief Jampano.

Although he is a big star on the small screen, he’s a rookie on the big screen, and he had to act alongside such big names as Kim Hye Soo, Kim Yun Suk, Jun Ji Hyun, Oh Dal Su and Kim Hae Sook. He wasn’t overwhelmed, however, and lightened up the mood on set as the youngest member of the cast. The filming took place before he joined the hit drama The Sun and the Moon.

Lee Jung Jae showed off his prowess in the film as the sly thief Popeye. Lee Jung Jae said, “The mood on set was great. None of the actors made anyone feel uncomfortable. Other than Jun Ji Hyun, it was my first time working with the actors, but we never felt awkward. I believeThe Thieves can shine thanks to the actors’ teamwork and the director’s passion.”

The Thieves is an action film about thieves who get together to steal one diamond. Director Choi Dong Hoon’s brand of rapid scenes and large-scale settings from Macau and Hong Kong add to the entertaining element of the film.


Source: Enews