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Kim Soo Hyun is praised by veteran actor Kim Yoon Suk for his acting

Respected veteran actor Kim Yook Suk gave great praise to Kim Soo Hyun.

The ‘Straight Pitch’ interview of the actors from the new movie ‘Thieves’ was featured on the June 20th episode of SBS ‘One Night TV of Entertainment’. It’s a segment which the control of the interview is given to the actors and they’re allowed to ask each other questions they want answered.

It was Kim Yoo Suk’s turn to answer questions and Kim Soo Hyun asked, “About the actors you’ve worked with in the past, you said Yoo Ah In was more of an actor and that Jang Geun Suk was more like an entertainer. If so, what do you see in Kim Soo Hyun as a person?”

Kim Yoo Suk answered Kim Soo Hyun’s question, “I think Kim Soo Hyun was born to be an actor. I saw ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun time to time. Obviously I started watching because my wife’s a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun. While watching the drama I felt that his energy and concentration as an actor was tremendous”, and the other actors nodded in agreement with Kim Yook Suk’s opinion on Kim Soo Hyun.

The movie ‘Thieves’ features an all-star casts that include actors such as Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Yook Suk, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, Jun Ji Hyun, and more. It is slated to premier on July 25th.


Image: SBS ‘One Night TV of Entertainment’
Source: Star News via Nate