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Kim Soo Hyun says: “Let’s meet in Weibo” [ August 01, 2012]

[SINA NEWS] A Korean young generation idol, KIM SOO HYUN who is beyond 85s had created a Sina Weibo account, today (1st August 2012). With the success of this early year’s MBC aired drama, “The Moon Embracing The Sun”, he had done a splendid work in portraying his character. With that, Kim Soo Hyun had now become the hit Korean actor of all time. He had triggered an upsurge in “Popular Lee Hwon” in Korea. Kim Soo Hyun who portrayed Lee Hwon, had handled Lee Hwon’s inner heart well. He handled the cool characteristics, as well as not losing the pride in himself. The sharp and non lacking of tolerance in Lee Hwon character had attracted a lot of people’s attentions. Today, Kim Soo Hyun had created a Weibo account. With that, he had specially recorded a video in greeting hello to his China fans. He wholeheartedly said to the Internet users, “Let’s meet each other in Weibo!”

“When The Moon Embracing The Sun” become the top attractive drama in the early year, in Korea. With this hit drama, Kim Soo Hyun won the Best TV Actor Award in 48th Baeksang Arts Awards. He is the youngest actor to win the award. Kim Soo Hyun’s first drama is “Kimchi Cheese Smile”, that is aired in 2007. Later, he got noticed from the public when he is in “Will It Snow For Christmas?” and “Giant”. Kim Soo Hyun who is in collaboration with other Korea international movie star, had successfully produced a movie ,”The Thieves”. It is to be premiered in all different Asian countries, in July. Just recently, Korean Key East Company had announced Kim Soo Hyun being officially entering into China market. The company reached an agreement with Local Korean Performing Arts SLA (Star Lake Agency). The company consists of lists of Korean star, Bae Yong Joon, Im Soo Jung, Joo Ji Hoon, etc.

Today, Kim Soo Hyun’s official Weibo account had posted a special video message. The video shows Kim Soo Hyun who is not a cool and emotional majesty, but a nice, great neighborhood boy. Kim Soo Hyun explained that he is busy preparing his next project. Although he is in Korea, but from now on he will communicate with his fans via his Weibo account. He said in a mischievous mode, “Let’s meet in Weibo.”

Translation:  Jerebtang