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Even divine-beauty Kim Tae Hee has a complex about her looks?

It has been revealed that even beautiful Kim Tae Hee has a complex about her looks.

Y-Star’s Curious held an interview with Kim Tae Hee’s makeup artist, Jung Saem Mul, on December 30.

Jung confesses, “I was stunned when I first saw Kim Tae Hee. I thought to myself, ‘How could anyone look like this?’” The reason was that she had such a small, pretty face and a round head.

Jung says, “The point of the Kim Tae Hee makeup is to paint her lips in a light color to make her good features stand out.”

Kim Tae Hee, who has a flawless appearance, has a complex about her looks: one eyebrow is bigger than the other. In a video letter, Jung says to Kim Tae Hee, “I hope you don’t get bothered by that anymore. It’s just a slight difference and nobody can tell.”

Besides this little secret, other incidents, including one in which Lee Seung Yeon’s magnanimity gets him out of trouble while filming overseas,  will be featured on the episode of Curious that airs on December 31 at 11:00 p.m.