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How did Ku Hye Sun get a scar on her face?

Actress Ku Hye Sun recently showed off her shiny skin, even though she was wearing a band-aid at the time.

Ku is currently appearing on SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series Please Captain as a passionate female copilot named Han Da Jin.

Pictures of Ku with a bandaid on her face were recently released on the series’ official website and drew a lot of attention.

Ku got a scar on her face in the second episode of the series because she fought with loan sharks, who came to her house to take money back from her aunt Mal Ja (played by Lee Ah Hyun). The scene was a pivotal scene, in which Ku decided to live life to the fullest.

People responded: “Even though you have a scar on your face, your skin still shines.” “She is always brave. I support you.” “You can’t hide your clear skin with a bandaid. I envy you.”

The production crew for the series say, “We remembered that Ku was smiling even though she had a bandaid on her face. We hope that she can cheer everyone up through the series.”