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[PHOTO] Kwangyeon is a cabbage?

As soon as July 17th came, Hyoseok tweeted a funny photo of Kwangyeon saying “Cabbage Kwangyeon kekekikikikik” where Kwangyeon’s green hair is styled somewhat like a cabbage (or what a cabbage may seem to look like to Hyoseok hahaha).

Cabbage Kwangyeon

Right after Hyoseok tweet, leader Youngjun replied to him saying “Kwangyeon is a not a cabbage, he is a KISSES keke” which Hyoseok answered back to “Next time, it should be silver of gold foil kekekekekee”.

Hyoseok has expressed his fascination to Kwangyeon’s green hair from their LEDA DAY Part 1 video where he “made a kimchi cuisine out of Kwangyeon’s cabbage hair”.

I guess apples can be great cabbages as well!

Source: Hyoseok’s twitter -> @khspower93