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[FANPOST] Led apple no longer “Red Apples”?

On May 14th, Keonu shared a selca with his fans along with the tweet “Today’s a full-of-selca day..^^ hihi” (cr:LEDAfied). Fans began speculating that Led apple members dyed their hair once again, this time to a darker shade. The fans’ speculations were heightened when Hanbyul tweeted last May 16th “I just finished recording~~^^ Goodnight, everyone~~” (cr:LEDAfied) along with the selca of his hair color change.

The fans have been wondering what could be the sudden hair color change for. As we recall, Led apple dyed their hair bright red only days before their SADNESS comeback. Could these hair color changes signs of an upcoming comeback?

Furthermore, on the 18th, the day Led apple is having their 2nd stop at Daegu for their live performance series of “#NowPlaying Led apple LIVE”, drummer Hyoseok tweeted “At Daegu~!! Eating a lot of chicken kekekikikikikeke” (cr:LEDAfied) with a selca of him eating and his hair color changed to a darker shade as well.

led apple

photo credits: LOL Magazine (May Issue), @jasononestar, @KeonuPark, @khspower93

Stay tuned for more hair color updates from Led apple! Fantaken photos and news coverage of their ”#NowPlaying Led apple LIVE in Daegu” will be uploaded later! ^^

Posted by: @jerism