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LED Apple snaps pictures with Kim Goo Ra and Ji Sang Ryul

LED Apple is attracting attention with their pictures taken with TV star Kim Goo Ra and comedian Ji Sang Ryul.

On March 23, Hang Byul uploaded two pictures taken with MC Kim Goo Ra and comedian Ji Sang Ryul who appeared on Three Wheels with LED Apple, and tweeted, “Thank you so much senior Kim Goo Ra and Ji sang Ryul. We will try harder to improve.”

The pictures were taken during the recording of Three Wheels on March 22. In the picture taken with Han Byul, Kim
Goo Ra looks very friendly unlike his usual image as a man with sharp tongue.

It is said that comedian Ji grew intimate with LED Apple and even took a picture together, smiling brightly.

Fans responded: “You must have become very friendly with your superiors.” “It’s so nice to see you growing intimacy.”

Recently, LED Apple revealed their digital single, Sadness, and brought a whole new trend of dancing.