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LED Apple to run their very own LED Apple Entertainment?

Just one call and viola! LED Apple is right in front of you! A new reality program on MTV Korea featuring the rock idol band will let you see and know more about them. Get closer to the group as this reality program “L.E.D Apple Entertainment” will be showing you their daily routines and activities.

The concept of the program is the group will create their own entertainment company. If there are requests for performances and works need to be done, they will go directly to the place doing on-the spot visits. Since the group will be in control of their own “company” they will also have specific positions with tasks to execute.

It will be aired on MTV Korea every Wednesday at 11:30pm. The first episode starts tomorrow, February 15th. In case you missed the show, there will be replays every Tuesday (3pm), Friday (4:30pm) and Saturday (3pm).

Source: MTV Korea