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LED Apple’s Han Byul hosts three music programs

LED Apple’s Han Byul, currently active with LED Apple’s new digital single album called Sadness, is hosting three music programs. The programs hosted by Han Byul are US M Countdown, Simply K-Pop, and Kim Hyung Joon’s Music High.

Selected as hosts of Mnet’s US M Countdown and Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop, which are broadcast in English in overseas countries, Han Byul speaks perfect English as he studied at a college of dentistry in Australia.

On Kim Hyung Joon’s Music High, Han Byul appears as a number one trainee of Idol Academy and professionally hosts the show. Through various activities on variety shows and radio programs, he’s planning to show off his charms.

LED Apple, currently promoting their digital single album Sadness, successfully held K Rookies Party Vol. 1 in Japan last week and will continue promoting their album.