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Ailee is a big fan of Lee Hyo Ri

Singer Ailee said she was a big fan of Lee Hyo Ri.

In the episode of SBS TV’s Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Hyo Ri’s You & I that aired on April 8, Ailee made a guest appearance. Ailee, who debuted with “Heaven,” captivated the audiences with her great voice and got laughs by acting funny on the show.

While talking about how she became a singer, Jung asked, “I heard you were a big fan of Lee Hyo Ri,” and she all of sudden yelled out a cheer with a bright smile on her face.

Ailee said to Lee, “You’re so pretty. I used to be a big fan of Fin.K.L.,” and pleased Lee by singing Fin.K.L.’s “Endless Love.” She also attracted attention by singing Lee’s “Hey, Mr. Big” in a R&B style. She was praised for her professional look that she showed when singing.

Ailee was told to talk to Lee whenever she had worries, and she unconsciously called Lee Unni. After she got permission to call Lee Unni, she brightly smiled and told Lee about her worry that she felt nervous about her next song.

At this, Lee said, “I also felt the same way when ’10 Minute’ became a big hit because many people expected a lot about my next song.” However, she was booed as she gave an obvious answer, “But I just tried harder.”

Lee also said to Ailee, “Because you’ve shown enough of your goddess look this time, why don’t you show your charismatic or sexy looks next time? Singers who have great singing abilities usually sing ballad songs, but I think it will also be great if you dance powerfully like Beyonce or Rihanna.”