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Singer Lee Hyo Ri complains about her beau Lee Sang Soon: “He has just one outfit and only plays the guitar”

Singer Lee Hyo Ri’s complaining about her significant other, Lee Sang Soon, is in the limelight.

On the first episode of Hyo Ri’s Social Club Golden 12, which aired on April 5, Lee organized a charity bazaar with the help of her acquaintances.

While preparing the charity bazzar, Lee and her friends decided to ask their acquaintances to donate clothes. Stylist Han Hye Yeon asked to Hyo Ri, “LSS must have something to donate, right?” (LSS is the initial of Lee Sang Soon, Lee Hyo Ri’s beau.)

Lee Hyo Ri quipped, “LSS has one outfit” and made everyone laugh out.
She added with a very small voice, “LSS is old and looks homely, and he has just one outfit and only plays the guitar.”

Hyo Ri’s Social Club Golden 12 is a reality program with an original concept, that features the social life of Lee Hyo Ri as a socialtainer rather than a singer.