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3 Reasons To Watch ‘Faith’ Premier This Week


‘Faith’ stars Lee Minho as warrior Choi Young who lives to protect the king in the Goryeo Dynasty and Kim Hee Sun plays present time surgeon Yoo Eun Soo who finds herself out of place 660 years back in time in this fantasy-action melodrama.
1. Directing, Story, Video, Action – It’s All There!
The all-star creative team behind the scenes of this drama b

oasts years of praise and we can expect no less from upcoming premier of ‘Fatih’ in 5 days. The visual aesthetics and martial choreographies will be to boast about from the talented team bringing this drama to life.
2. The beautiful ‘Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun’ couple onscreen passion!
Kim Hee Sun makes her television comeback after a 6 year hiatus and Lee Minho debuts his first history drama. The cold and distant Choi Young against the eccentric Yoo Eun Soo characters will provide an interesting onscreen contrast as their love story begins to unfold.
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3. The Colorful Supporting Cast!
In onscreen support, Philip Lee joins the cast as doctor Jang Bin and veteran actor Yoo Oh Seung plays the ruthless politician Ki-Cheol. Sung Hoon is seen as a mysterious man with white hair, adding to the visually eye-popping cast.
‘Faith’ will air on August 13, 2012.