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BIG 5 – Banner and BG making [BIRTHDAY PROJECT]

On 15th of May- 15th of June we have had a birthday project.

Lots of appreciations that come in.

And today we are announcing the best five! (BIG 5)

As you see, Yong Shuang’s design has been chosen as this week’s banner. Congratulations!

Thank you so much for participating in this event.


And here it goes, the BIG 5 announcement : Congratulations once again!

#1 Yong Shuang – Malaysia (cyshuang1996@*****.com)

= our main header this week! We love its color and cartoon made emoticon. The pict that has chosen also showing smiling LeeMinho that shows excitement on this celebration ^^

#2 Riana Anggraini – Indonesia (rei.violette@*****.com)

= this header is so creative and suits our standard needs 720×272 px. We love its modern and elegant style. Good Job!

#3 Ritanty Kumala – Indonesia (ritantykumala@*****.com)

= creative photo made! and we got the ‘wish’ idea . Great!

#4 Syamhari Haruna – Indonesia (arie_haruna@*****.com)

= colorful and match with our happiness celebrating Lee Min Ho’s big day ~ the pict on the right seems too narrow. We love the colorful idea!

#5 Minoz Gle (minozgle@*****.com)

= this work is cool! We love how the pict of Leeminho surround the main pict, but unfortunately this size isn’t fit for our header ^^ The words below this design is so touching and really represent Minoz feeling to Leeminho


To our BIG 5, congratulations!

And we are giving chance for our Big 5, to make another design again for next week as creative as possible!

Send it fast to : leeminho.fanbase@gmail.com


Any pictures/deisgns in this post has its own copyright to KOREA.COM


Lots of love

Graphic Design Staff