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Happy birthday Lee Min Ho Oppa!

Hello Lee Min Ho oppa~ I’m one of your biggest fan! I hope you will have a very precious day today and I hope you will like what I just made for you^^. I know it’s very simple but I hope you would really like it, because I made this because I’m your fan and I love you . I’m always here praying for your happiness and to your family.  I really hope I could see you in person very soon.J I really wanted to see you in person because you are my mentor as an actor and I’m dreaming of becoming an actress and I want to learn something from you.



I wish all the best of luck to you, more dramas, and commercials and as well movies to come for you in the future, and lots of love to you from your fans. I hope you will meet the person who truly loves you from the bottom of her heart, gives you lots of happiness in your life.  J

Well sad to say that this is the end of my letterL.

Once again happy happy birthday to you! Always remember that I and all minoz out there are always here for you and love you so much~ J

From the one who truly loves you so much,

Sherra Ann (Norway)