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Fun Facts About Lee Min Ho

Wanna know more about Lee Min Ho? Keep on reading..
  • Decision of the actor Lee Min Ho was in high school class 2, when he thought about his future.
  • The preparation time debut was introduced and signed to the label when he was in class 3 high school. He studied acting from Lee Jae Yong and plans to seek the experience and audition.
  • He was friends with II Jung Woo, Kim Bum.
  • He has a genuine personality; optimistic and intelligent.
  • His first love was a campus-friend when he was 20 years old.
  • He admitted that he was crying last time, at age twenty, during summer. He had a car accident with Woo Jung II and some other friends.
  • The worst experience when he was taken to the hospital by ambulance (because of the accident).
  • He has this habit of talking in his sleep.
  • If he was asked to choose and make priorities; that will be job and a new friendship-love.
  • Motto in life;  ”Do Your Best In All Things”.
  • He smokes, but he’s not a heavy smoker.
  • He is not strong drinker. A limitation that he can tolerate drinking alcohol is 2 glasses of beer or 4 cup soju.
  • His ideal woman is a woman who gently like Song Hye Kyo.
  • He prefers to sleep than eat when filming.
  • He like snacks.
  • Because he idolized Leonardo DiCaprio he aspired to play  movie in Hollywood.
  • He always get an A in PE, and the value for mathematics was also consistent over 90. Unfortunately he has no time to complete his college because he is now involve in the world entertainment.
  • He was also classified as child-saving. He always set aside allowance (amounted to 100 thousand won). He can now buy anything with his income alone.
  • He, including the Korea citizens are allowed to opt in or not join military service, because he’s the only son in his family. According to the rules, every boys in Korea must follow mandatory military unless he’s the family only hope (man in the family).
  • Payment of 60 million won was made for his role in Personal Taste (16 episodes).
  • Funny incident while shooting Personal Taste was when he had to do scenes of urination in the toilet. He said, “I’m very embarrassed because it was the first time I have open pants in front of so many people. “
  • Min-Ho earned the nickname “the King of Ads” by popularity skyrocketed. He has been ambassador for UNICEF. Many companies were targeted for star made in his ads; starting from clothes, furniture, mobile phones, Dunkin Donuts, drinks, ETC.
  • He is active in cyberspace. Playing games online, I might add.
  • He is active in social networks such as Cyworld, Facebook & Twitter.
  • He will reply to questions and comments from his diligent fans if he’s not busy.
  • He is eager for spending his holiday in Bali. He includes this in MBC Section TV,  ”I’d love to go sightseeing with my family during summer in Bali, or maybe to New Caledonia again”.

♥ Courtesy & Source by Aka

♥ Editted by Yunanerrs