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Heirs’ A Strong and Powerful Kiss

The kiss scene of “Heirs” is a topic of interest.

On the drama special of “Heirs” broadcast on November 28th, Park Shin Hae and Lee Min Ho shared a sad but passionate kiss and attracted the attention of the audience.

On the 16th episode of “Heirs” broadcast on November 28th, Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho) sent Cha Eun Sang (played by Park Shin Hae) to get her passport.

Cha Eun Sung looked as if she had given up and left the room with her passport and Kim Tan took her to the nearby storage closet near the kitchen.

Kim Tan said to Cha Eun Sang, “Wait if you want and don’t go if I tell you not to. Just listen to me” as he blocked her mouth with a strong kiss.

The two people shared a sad but passionate kiss for a long time and Kim Tan hugged Cha Eun Sang saying, “Promise that you won’t go anywhere” and spoke sadly. Cha Eun Sang also teared up and hugged Kim Tan.

At the “Heirs” kiss, netizens said, “Heirs kiss scene wow so hot” “Heirs kiss scene is making my heart flutter” “Heirs kiss scene Young Do can’t even kiss” “Heirs kiss scene What a pathetic scene” and responded.

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