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Lee Min Ho surprise birthday party on the set of his new drama “Faith”

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너무 많은 축하 보내주셔서 감사합니다. 촬영을 하느라 생일이 지났네요 ^^
Today has been pretty busy working on a drama shooting to realize my 26th birthday! It has passed so quickly, but all the good wishes and cheers made me very happy! :) Thank you again for your sweet messages! They mean a lot to me as you know well. Then have a fantastic day everyone and see you soon! :) bye!

非常感谢大家都祝贺我的生日,, 我忙着拍戏都忘记我的生日已经过去了,,哈哈

[Video: From Minho. 2012,06,22]
我希望我正在拍的电视剧 The Faith获得大成功,以及我的付出不是白费
誕生日でしたが、今日も撮影をしました。今撮影しているドラマ(the faith)が大成功すると良いですね。頑張ってる分、大きな結果が出ると嬉しいです。
Of all the wishes that i want, I hope a new tv drama that is supposed to be aired in few months, The Faith will be successful. I believe it would be so rewarding as much as I do my best, wouldn’t it? As well, it will be just as fine as you cheer! :)