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original header and background

안녕하세요 MINOZ FAMILY! How are you? I hope each and everyone of you is doing fine.

Hello lovely people! Miss my header and background already? It’s been like a month since I last designed one. I’m sorry, I am actually still on my leave (because of my upcoming exam) but I just can’t leave it this way. Though it took me some time to create this, its just.. worth it : ) I am so happy that I can make one! Hehe. Thanks to my better half graphic designer, @min07 for an awesome header and background that she made for you guys last time. Thank you @admin, @akaa, @monikaleeminho89 & @skei0622 for the endless support! Speaking of which, I haven’t get myself in touch with them lately, oh how I miss all of you! So yeah, any request on our header and background? Say it all here, right away! : )

Oh and, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO OUR MANAGER, AKA! And of course, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO OUR DEAREST KOREA.COM! May you all be bless with many many happy returns! ♥

Likewise, share me your thoughts. I am really looking forward for your comment(s). I don’t mind if it’s a good thing or viceversa. Keep on supporting to see our-every-week background and header. You gorgeous people are muchly appreciated. Oh please keep in mind that everyone is gorgeous! Have a great day y’all. Be safe, muchlove


LMH FC Graphic Designer. XXXX