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[PRESS] City Hunter’s Lee Min Ho: “My Rival is Pororo!”

[enews24 reporter Lee In Kyeong] Lee Min Ho has become the rival of Pororo for the title of ‘Cho Tong Ryeong’. [Note: Cho tong ryeong is a play on words. Cho - means chodeng hakseng or elementary school student, while 'tong ryeong' originates from the word Dae Tong Ryeong meaning president.]

SBS Wed-Thurs drama ‘City Hunter’s protagonist Lee Min Ho is recently actively known as ‘action Min Ho’ and is now stealing the hearts of male viewers. In particular, his popularity has soared and surpassed pororo amongst elementary school students. In fact, he is competing against pororo for the nickname ‘Cho Tong Ryeong’.

In fact, elementary students who are LMH’s fans have daily flooded the viewer message board and LMH’s fanpage leaving messages like “LMH oppa is our president!” and “Long live to Cho Tong Ryeong LMH”, showing their warm support for LMH.

LMH’s management company Starhaus Entertainment commented saying “If we say he has a lot of nuna-fans previously, now he is gaining ground amongst male fans. It seems like the spectacular action scenes he’s showing in ‘City Hunter’ is not only well received by middle aged and older men, but also by elementary school students.”

LMH has been performing the majority of the action scenes himself without a stand-in. Due to that reason, he was involved in a car wreckage when filming a car pursuit scene. However, he’s able to show various action scenes since he’s been constantly attending the action school to perfect the drama.

He has fully assimilated his role 100% and won praise for the various action scenes that uses judo, fencing techniques and wall/rock climbing.

Owing to that reason, the viewership ratings are soaring. AGB Nielsen media research revealed on the 30th that episode 11 of City Hunter broadcasted on the 29th received a viewership rating of 18.4%, clinching the first place amongst the Wed-Thurs dramas. Since it’s competitor MBC’s ‘Best Love’ finished its run last week, the ratings of ‘City Hunter’ has soared. Other dramas shown during the same time slot including ‘Best Love’s replacement ‘Heartstrings’ received a ratings of 7.6% while KBS2 ‘Romance Town’ received a rating of 11.1%.

Meanwhile, ‘City Hunter’s development on the 29th included Nana (park min young) who interferes and saves Lee Yoon Sung who she realizes is City Hunter, igniting the romance and suspense between the two.

Source: Enews24 // loveghs.wordpress.com

Translated by webby @ soompi